Rud vwbg swivel eye bolt

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RUD VWBG Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD VWBG Swivel Eye Bolt

The RUD VWBG load ring comes in a wide choice of safe working loads up to 40 tonne. These details are for the metric thread version although we can supply it in both UNC and BSW types if required, just contact us for the details.

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About the RUD VWBG Swivel load ring

This swivel load ring is able to fully rotate through 360 degrees whilst the load ring itself can pivot through 230 degrees. This enables pulling at many angles.

The design incorporates ball bearings to enable smooth rotation to the direction of the pull. This means that they are great for lashing purposes.

There are certain criteria like loading angles that must be met to get the maximum SWL, other load angles can be used though with a reduced working load. You must consult the loading charts to ensure you are within the limitations for your intended lifting or pulling task. The same goes for fitting the load ring, always follow the manufacturers instructions precisely.

The VWBG can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 to +200 degrees C. once again, check the charts.

Other Lifting Aids

If this is not quite right for you then take a look at our full range of swivel eye bolts or our standard eye bolt range which includes the collared and dynamo varieties. Eye nuts, bow nuts and special eye bolts are also amongst our extensive range.

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Contact us

If you need help or advice on any of our loose tackle you can call us on 01384 76961 for a chat with our team. You may also like to use the rapid enquiry form to email us your requirements.

vwbg dimensions


vwbg  RUD WBG Swivel Eye Bolt dimensions

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