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Rud wpp b swivel eye bolt

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RUD WPP-B Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD WPP-B Swivel Eye Bolt

You can buy the RUD WPP-B Swivel Eye Bolt from Lifting gear direct at keen prices. This eye bolt both swivels and pivots.

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About the RUD WPP-B Swivel Eye Bolt

The WPP-B swivel eye bolt is a weld on anchor point with a ring connection, ideal for hook assemblies. Unlike the WPPH models this type not only has a 230 degree pivoting ring but is also able to fully rotate through 360 degrees.

This is thanks to the incorporated bearings in the base. A qualified welder must be used to attach this eye bolt to a clean surface which is free from impurities.

Because of its dual action the WPP-B is an exceptional lifting point and can be used in multiple applications where lifting in different positions and angles is needed.

As with most RUD eye bolts the pink powder coating is temperature activated. It has the ability to change colour in extreme temperatures. This allows the easy spotting of sudden changes in temperatures which is a great safety feature.

There are 6 different working load limits to choose from with up to 8 tonne available.

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Lifting Gear Direct can supply a wide range of related lifting equipment should you need it.

Whether you are after a lifting shackle or two or perhaps a 2 leg chain sling just let us know. Non-swivel eye bolts are also readily available all at great prices. Many lifting operations will require a hoisting device. These are available to purchase online at LGD, whether you choose a chain block or an electric hoist and trolley we can help. After sales repairs and inspections are also catered for by our team of experienced engineers.

Contact the LGD office today on 01384 76961 or email us through to rapid enquiry form. All your questions will be answered as swiftly as possible.

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