Rud wpph b swivel eye bolt

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RUD WPPH-B Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD WPPH-B Swivel Eye Bolt

You can buy the RUD WPPH-B Swivel Eye Bolt at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct today.
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About the RUD WPPH-B Swivel Eye Bolt

The WPPH-B has a ring connection and is designed for welding on to a suitable surface to create a secure lifting point. As with all weld on lifting points the surface to which it will be fitted must be free from impurities such as paint and grease. Welding should be carried out by a coded welder in the precise manner set out by the manufacturer.

This swivel eye bolt incorporates a pivoting lifting ring. This can pivot through 230 degrees and makes an ideal connection for crossbar construction.

When using swivel eye bolts like these you must always refer to the manufacturers instructions to ensure they are used in the correct and safe manner. There are often restrictions on the angles at which they can be used and or working load limit reductions may apply. To not refer to this table could jeopardise the safety of your lifting operation.

The WPPH-B is available in six different working load limits. Ranging from 0.63t up to 8 tonne. It can be used within the temperature ranges of -40 to +200 degrees C safely.

Similar Eye Bolts

There are a few eye bolts that are similar to this one such as the WPPH-S the WPP-B and the WPP-S. All offer various elements such as the 'S' models are safety hooks rather than eye type links. We can also offer swivel eye bolts that do not need to be welded on. These use a screw type fitting instead. There are also the more commonly used eye bolts like the collared and dynamo varieties. You can find all these and more within our website.

You can buy all your lifting points at great prices from the vast range at Lifting Gear Direct.  We supply both standard type eye bolts as well as swivels and can complete your lifting tackle with slings, shackles and hoisting equipment. Call us today on 01384 76961.

Type WLL (t) A B C D E G R1 Weld Weight (kg) approx.  
WPPH-B-0.63t 0.63 9 65 35 34 99 34 15 3.5 0.3
WPPH-B-1.5t 1.5 11 65 35 40 109 44 15 4.5 0.5
WPPH-B-2.5t 2.5 13 74 40 53 127 53 18 HY3+5 0.9
WPPH-B-4t 4 16 95 45 68 163 66 20 HY3+6 2.2
WPPH-B-5t 5 (6.7) 19 130 60 83 209 79 25 HY3+8 4.5
WPPH-B-8t 8 (10) 24 140 65 88 228 88 28 HY3+10 5.1
( ) increased WLL in axial load direction            
load chart wpph