Rud powerpoint pp b swivel eye bolt

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RUD PowerPoint PP-B Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD PowerPoint PP-B Swivel Eye Bolt

This PP-B lifting ring is the metric threaded type however we can also supply UNC and BSW threads if required.

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About the RUD PP-B Powerpoint Lifting Ring

The PP-B swivel ring connection is easy to rotate fully thanks to the ball bearings incorporated into the design. Whilst the base swivels through 360 degrees the actual loading ring can be pivoted through 230 degrees. This means that many loading angles can be achieved. Consult the load charts to find out if there is a safe working load weight reduction for the angle you are going to be lifting at.

With RFID technology incorporated into the lifting ring, it is easy to identify the product information contactlessly with a special reader. find out more here.

Providing an ideal means to turn loads the PP-B has been 100% crack detected and has a 4:1 safety ratio so you can be assured of safety and quality.

Lifting Gear Direct can supply the RUD PP-B swivel lifting point in various thread lengths and diameters, and with SWL models ranging from 0.63 t up to 8 tonne there should be a PP-B to suit your needs.

They can be used in a range of temperatures safely, typically from -40 to +200 degrees C but with a maximum of 400 degree capability in some circumstances.

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Type WLL (T) A B C D E F Standard F Vario  G M T Weight (KG) Torque  
PP-B-0.63T-M12 0.63 9 65 35 40 36 18 19-145 41 12 105 0.35 10Nm
PP-B-1.5T-M16 1.5 11 65 35 46 41 25 26-180 50 16 115 0.6 30Nm
PP-B-2.5T-M20 2.5 13 74 40 61 55 30 31-200 61 20 135 1.1 70Nm
PP-B-4T-M24 4 16 95 45 78 70 36 37-255 77 24 172 2.4 150Nm
PP-B-5T-M30 6.5 19 130 60 95 85 45 46-330 93 30 223 5.2 225Nm
PP-B-8T-M36 8 24 140 65 100 90 54 55-300 102 36 242 6.3 410Nm