Camlok tbgtst block grabs

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Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs

Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs

We can supply the Camlok TBG/TST block grabs together with any other lifting gear at great prices. Read on below to find out more details.
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About the Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs 

We stock plenty of different lifting grabs here at Lifting Gear Direct, including the Camlok TBG and TST models that are designed to cope with block lifting operations speedily and safely. Read on for more information on these particular models or get in touch for extra advice. 

Model options & capabilities

There are 2 types of these block grabs, the TBG which has rubber lined jaws and the TST which has steel serrated jaws. 

These block grabs are able to lift any object with parallel surfaces which can withstand a clamping pressure 2 x as high as the load being lifted. 

There are a range of jaw capacities available, with 2 models with a small jaw and 4 models with larger jaws - consult chart below. 

An automatic opening/closing device is also available as an optional extra. 

N.B: The TBG rubber lined models should be used on surfaces free from grease & oil and should be clean and dry. 

Capacities & dimensions

There are six different versions of the Camlok TBG and TST block grabs, distinguished from one another by their WLLs. 

At the lower end of the scale there is the TBG and TST 500S, with a 500kg weight capacity and a jaw capacity of up to 150 millimetres. The largest models have 1000kg weight capacities and 1100 millimetre jaw capacities. 

Clearly the size of the grab in question impacts its standalone weight, so remember to take this into account when planning your operations to avoid mistakes. 


LGD can supply the Camlok TBG and TST block grabs to customers from across the country, as well as offering up ample other lifting equipment options. 

For awkward load handling our plate lifting products will tick all the boxes, while the option to add lifting slings, accessories and other kit to your order should make buying with us especially convenient, whatever lifting challenges you face on a daily basis. 

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You can reach LGD on 01384 76961 or alternatively use our contact page to send us an email. Our expert advice and competitive prices will be sure to put a smile on your face today.


Camlok TBG/TST Block Grabs


Model TBG/TST500S TBG/TST1000S
A mm 815 1050
B min mm 420 460
B max mm 760 980
C mm 200 250
D mm 160 160
E mm 30 29
F mm 15 20
Z mm 0-150 50-250



large jaw Block Grabs

A mm 1040 1040 1120 1320
B min mm 390 390 390 390
B max mm 840 840 840 840
C mm 275 275 275 275
D mm 160 160 160 160
E mm 300 300 300 300
F mm 35 35 35 35
G mm 20 20 20 20
Z mm 200-500 400-700 600-900 800-1100
Model WLL (KG) Jaw capacity (mm) Weight (KG) 
TBG/TST500S 500 0-150 27
TBG/TST1000S 1000 50-250 50
TBG/TST200L 200 200-500 49
TBG/TST300L 300 400-700 52
TBG/TST500L 500 600-900 55
TBG/TST1000L 1000 800-1100 72