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2000kg aluminium lifting gantry

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2000KG Aluminium Lifting Gantry

2000KG Aluminium Lifting Gantry

With the highest Safe Working Load of our aluminium gantry range the 2000kg model is available in 3 maximum heights (2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm) with each coming in 2 span sizes (2000mm, 3000mm).

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2000kg Aluminium Gantry Crane Key Benefits

This Lightweight aluminium gantry is the largest model weighing just 213kg and so still easily transportable. Due to the larger size it is recommended that 2 people assemble this gantry. 

If you need a smaller aluminium lifting gantry, then our range goes right down to units with capacities of just 250kg. These are compact enough to be assembled by a single person, which is advantageous in a number of industries and work settings. 

It folds to a compact size and secured with 2 included straps. This makes it even easier to transport, especially if you are going out and about with this gantry and want to load it in and out of an LCV with minimal fuss. Just remember to observe safe lifting practices when handling this assembly. 

For a more permanent solution, why not take a look at the jib cranes we sell? These custom-built units are perfect for any business and we manufacture high quality examples for floor, wall or column mounting. 

Using your 2000kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry

Aluminium gantries are ideal for clean and refrigerated environments and they have good corrosion resistance. They will not contaminate the environment, nor be contaminated by it, which is a double-handed perk for a variety of commercial operations. Furthermore this means that each of the gantries we sell is going to last longer and cost our customers less to maintain over time. So if you want to comply with regulations for lifting equipment, these units will keep you in the good books of the industry authorities. 

Enhancing your 2000kg Aluminium Gantry

Extras include optional levelling feet for use on uneven ground heights and optional winch to aid ease, speed and safety of height adjustments. 

The number of add-ons which you can include when you order this gantry from Lifting Gear Direct is impressive. These are about more than just making the lifting process more convenient, as they come with other benefits that are worth mentioning. 

For example, the parking jacks that stop the whole assembly from moving and also help to level it out when the surface below it is not particularly favourable are definitely worth considering. Safety is important and the statistics make grim reading, so if you want to keep your organisation up and running while also protecting your employees from injury, such add-ons could be a sensible investment. 

A good reason to buy gantries from us is that we give our customers the flexibility to pick the extras they need, which keeps our prices competitive while ensuring a more bespoke shopping experience. 

Any Aluminium Gantry Questions Answered

Below you will find the technical details on the 2000kg aluminium lifting gantry but should you have any more questions or would like a quick quotation then please contact us here at Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961, or use the contact us page to email us your enquiry. Our team will do its best to talk you through your options and give you up to date information on all of our products.



Feet/jacks ideal on uneven ground; Winch aids height adjustments.

SWL Model Number Beam Length Clear Span Trolley Travel Max Width Load Pin Height Min Load Pin Height Max Overall Height Min Overall Height Max Tread
KG     C B A     D D E
2000KG LGD400608M 2000 1840 1208 2220 1904 2404 2180 2683 1381
LGD400610M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD400612M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD400808M 2500 2340 1708 2720 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD400810M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD400812M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD401008M 3000 2840 2208 3220 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD401010M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD401012M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD401208M 3500 3340 2708 3720 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD401210M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD401212M 2904 3404 3180 3683
LGD401508M 4500 4340 3708 4720 1904 2404 2180 2683
LGD401510M 2404 2904 2680 3183
LGD401512M 2904 3404 3180 3683

2000KG Aluminium Lifting Gantry dimensions