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Rapide aluminium gantry

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Rapide Aluminium Gantry

The Smallest, Lightest Lifting gantry from Lifting Gear Direct

Single handed set up in under 1 minute and you will have a height adjustable mobile lifting gantry capable of lifting loads up to 500kg, or personnel up to 140kg.

The latest aluminium lifting gantry is the lightest mobile gantry system on the market today.  They are compact when folded and easy to wheel around from place to place. Standard models are also available as well as a range of customisable aluminium gantries.

Rapide Aluminium Lifting Gantry


About the Rapide Aluminium Gantry There are a good range of options available i..

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Rapide Aluminium Lifting Gantry Benefits

Its name comes from the fact that it can be ‘rapidly’ assembled and dismantled; in fact, it takes as little as one minute! One of the biggest advantages to these Rapide aluminium gantries is that they can be moved around by one person thanks to the incorporated wheels and carry straps. It is also possible for a single person to erect the gantry as well as take it down again.

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In three parts they are easy to handle and in just a few simple steps you will be able to lift loads up to 500kg (depending on the model). The Rapide aluminium gantry system can also be used for fall arrest scenarios with 140kg working load limits. This is perfect for work positioning applications. If safety is something you are concerned about, you should certainly consider the perks of investing in a Rapide aluminium gantry crane from Lifting Gear Direct.

The compact design of these mobile gantries means that they can be transported in most work vehicles making them perfect for onsite lifting operations. They come with their own trolley system so once erected you can attach your chosen lifting equipment, such as a chain block or perhaps a lifting sling or safety lanyard and fall arrest block. This combination of convenience and effective operational performance makes them ideal for businesses that want to complete projects on schedule without compromising on safety. Check out our full range of cranes and lifting gantries for even more options. You are sure to be impressed by the variety we sell.

Add-Ons for the Rapide Aluminium Gantry Crane Range

The Rapide has numerous options to choose from, including different trolleys and feet. Trolley options include one fitted with a master link; a close coupled trolley or a sheaved trolley which can be used in a fixed location.

The feet options include the ever-popular lockable castors, standard articulated feet for fine adjustment on unlevel surfaces or there is the adjustable leg articulated version for small height adjustments. There is also a bracket available to enable winch attachment.

Ask us About an Aluminium Gantry Crane

If you need more information on the Rapide aluminium lifting gantry view the product page below for all the information you are likely to need, call us if you require anything else. The number to ring is 01384 76961 and our friendly, experienced staff will be able to handle any questions you might have. You can also email us if you wish, using our site.

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