Green pin trawling d shackle

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Green Pin Trawling D Shackle

Green Pin Trawling D Shackle

These trawling d shackles are the quality green pin variety and have a square headed screw pin.  They are just one of the special shackles we provide, each of which has its own unique use and design.

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 To find out more about this d shackle, read on. Remember to check out the table of technical data further down the page if you are looking for the complete specifications of the range. 

Uses of Green Pin Trawling D Shackles

These shackles are commonly used by fishermen in the sea-fishing and trawling industries. They are used on trawl doors, connecting nets to winching systems and also for the connection of otter boards and/or bridle systems; these trawling dee shackles are also used for connecting dredging equipment and twin rig bottom trawlers. 

Design & Materials

As they are the D shaped shackle they are for straight, inline pulling applications only.

 They are suitable for the marine environment due to them being manufactured form high tensile steel which has been quenched and tempered to grade 6 specifications, with a hot dipped galvanised finish. They have a 6:1 safety factor – where the minimum breaking load = 6 x the normal working load limit of the shackle. 

This combination of resilience and safety is especially relevant in the context of trawling. Sea fishing in an activity that comes with many dangers and elements of unpredictability that are out of the control of those involved in the industry, so getting the best equipment for the job is one way of limiting risks. 

Furthermore the fact that these shackles are fully galvanised means that they should be able to combat corrosion and stay in one piece for longer. From the perspective of cost, this has its benefits. 

Load Limits & Conformity

Lifting Gear Direct supply these trawling d shackles with working load limits from 2 tonnes up to 25 tonnes, see table below for precise dimensions. 

Certification supplied include the EC declaration of conformity and upon special request we can supply certification for the basic raw materials used, a manufacturers test certificate and an inspection certificate. Let us know if these are required when ordering. 

Seek out Shackles

If these shackles do not fulfil your needs, our full range will surely play host to what you are looking for. From general purpose dee shackles to extra reliable stainless steel shackles, our line up is second to none.  

Questions & Quotes

If the technical details of our green pin trawling dee shackles are a little in-depth, or do not provide enough information, you can get your queries addressed when you contact the LGD team. Emailing us is also a great way to get a quote for an order. Alternatively, a call to 01384 76961 will let you talk to our experts directly.

Dia Bow Dia Pin Dia Eye Width Eye Width Inside Length Inside Length Length Bolt Width Weight Each  
tons a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm f mm g mm h mm i mm kg trawling dee shackle
2 13.5 16 34 13 22 43 81 57.5 22 0.32
3.25 16 19 40 16 27 51 97 71 27 0.58
4.75 19 22 46 19 31 59 112 82 32 0.92
6.5 22 25 52 22 36 73 134 93 32 1.33
8.5 25 28 59 25 43 85 154 108 36 2.03
9.5 28 32 66 28 47 90 167 120 41 2.88
12 32 35 72 32 51 94 180 137 50 3.96
13.5 35 38 80 35 57 115 209 149 50 5.24
17 38 42 88 38 60 127 230 164 60 6.8
25 45 50 103 45 74 149 271 192 60 11.22