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Green pin wide mouth shackles

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Green Pin Wide Mouth Shackles

Green Pin Wide Mouth Shackles

These shackles are the green pin type which identifies the high quality of these lifting shackles. They are part of our special shackle range, which is packed with impressive products that can take on lifting tasks in the most unusual locations. We also stock general purpose shackles of every variety imaginable.

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Features of Green Pin Wide Mouth Shackles

Manufactured from high tensile grade 8 steel which has been quenched and tempered and has a hot dipped galvanized finish for extra durability. They will work seamlessly for extended periods without succumbing to corrosion or suffering wear and tear. This makes them a cost-effective long term solution for a number of commercial lifting tasks in challenging environments. 

The safety bolt on these shackles incorporates a split pin / cotter pin to ensure the bolt remains in position and will not fall out. 

Load Limits & other Advantages

The major benefit of these special lifting shackles is the wide mouth opening which facilitates the use of wider lifting slings and the connection to wider profiled objects. 

We can supply green pin wide mouth shackles with working load limits up to 75 tonne and with mouth openings up to 184mm and internal bow widths up to 254mm, see the table below for more dimensions. 

These wide mouth shackles have a very good safety factor rating at 6:1 – MBL (minimum breaking load) =6x WLL. 

Certification & Alternative Shackle Options

Supplied with an EC declaration of conformity; other certification available on request.

We also supply special green pin sling shackles and sling saver shackles, both are suitable for use with webbing slings. Web slings can also be made to order in our own workshops as we have our own industrial machinery and experienced technicians. 

Our gear is built to last and we only supply the best possible products in a given price bracket to our customers. You might not need a wide mouth shackle, but still want to harness the high quality of the green pin construction and conformity this range offers. In that case we recommend taking a look at our green pin dee shackle range. 

If you need other types of lifting equipment supplies, then there are a huge number of products to peruse on our site. From kit that helps you calculate the weight of a load, to entire , the world of lifting gear is your oyster.  

Ask for more Shackle info

To get the full details of any shackle we stock, or for a quote, you can call or email Lifting Gear Direct with ease. Our number is 01384 76961 and our friendly team is ready to talk to you today. Our contact page includes a rapid response form and other details about how to get in touch, so check it out.

WLL Dia Bow Dia Pin Dia Eye Width Eye Width Inside Length Inside Width Bow Width Width Nut Weight Each  
tons a mm b mm c mm d mm e mm f mm g mm j mm k mm kg green pin wide mouth shackles
4.75 22 25 52 22 63 112 88 132 23 2.08
6.5 25 28 59 25 75 135 105 155 25 3.14
8.5 28 32 66 28 82 148 115 171 28 4.36
9.5 32 35 72 32 90 162 126 190 31 5.95
12 35 38 79 35 100 180 140 210 34 7.87
16 38 42 88 38 106 216 159 235 19 12.5
25 45 50 103 45 127 248 175 265 24 18
30 50 57 118 50 146 273 207 307 27 25
55 65 70 145 65 165 314 213 343 33 48
75 75 83 163 75 184 330 254 404 40 70