Gate eye bolts

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Gate Eye Bolts

Gate Eye Bolts

Supplied with a pair of nuts to allow for excellent adjustability, our gate eye bolts are fashioned from high tensile steel to help combat fatigue and improve safety.

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 You can choose various units which encompass different dimensions and performance capabilities. All of the relevant technical data can be found in a table below, or you can check out our brief overview and get in touch for more information. 

What to Expect from the Gate Eye Bolt

Each gate eye bolt consists of an extended shank with a metric thread form and a total of two additional nuts that are correctly sized and fully compatible with the product in question. This allows you to control the distance between the two nuts, so fixing this anchor point to a particular support structure or other lifting accessory is very straightforward. 

When it comes to reliability the safety factor of eight will be a welcome sight. That means that whatever the working load limit of a given gate eye bolt, its minimum breaking load will be eight times greater. And with WLLs of 200kg to 1.79 tonnes in this particular family of products, there is certainly a lot of choice. 

What else to Consider

Working with eye bolts can be rewarding whether you are planning a particular lifting operation or just want to use them for a creative construction project where no specific load bearing is required. Because of this need for versatility, our product line up is bursting with the best and most varied anchor points around including collared eye bolts, dynamo eye bolts and stainless steel eye bolts

Take our swivel eye bolts, for example. They are sourced from some of the top brands in the business, come with excellent load capacities and run the gamut in terms of finished from self colour and paint to stainless steel and beyond. 

Our lifting shackles are equally diverse, with special shackles sitting alongside their standard counterparts to make sure that those customers with unique needs are not ignored. 

How to Contact us

Talking through your lifting needs has never been simpler thanks to the sales team at Lifting Gear Direct. Call 01384 76961 or get in touch via email to learn everything you need to about our products before you make a purchase. You will be impressed by our friendly service as much as by our affordable prices.