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Chain Slings Grade 8

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Lifting Gear Direct can make up a grade 8 chain into slings to suit your specific needs with a wide range of grade 8 components to choose from. So whether you need a 2 leg, 3 metre sling with a clevis grab hook on each leg; or a 2 tonne, 4 leg sling with a quad master link and self locking swivel hooks on each leg we can sort you out in no time.  We can also supply both grade 10 slings and stainless steel slings if you prefer.

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


 About Grade 8 Single Leg Chain Slings Part of our chain sling line u..

Double Leg chain Sling grade 8 Double Leg chain Sling grade 8

Double Leg chain Sling grade 8


About the Grade 8 Double Leg Chain Sling Packing a pair of legs rather tha..

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


About the Grade 8 3 Leg Chain Sling  With not one, not two but 3 sepa..

4 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8 4 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8

4 Leg Chain Sling Grade 8


About the 4 Leg Chain Sling in Grade 8   Chain slings from Lifti..

Endless Chain Sling Grade 8


 About the Endless Chain Sling Grade 8 In addition to supplying chain..

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Chain Slings Grade 8

Grade 8 Chain Slings

The Lifting Gear Direct standard grade 8 chain is available in chain link diameters from 7 - 32mm. It is made from heat treated alloy steel and has a painted black finish.

This grade 8 chain is suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures - from -40 degrees up to + 400 degrees Celsius; though working load limit reductions will need to be applied accordingly.

The Lifting Gear Direct standard range chain in grade 8 steel is available in any length which can be made up with your choice of components into 1, 2, 3 or 4 leg chain slings. Endless  slings can also be produced.

Grade 8 Sling Components

Within the Lifting Gear Direct standard range are a vast range of grade 8 components available in a range of sizes and safe working loads. They can be matched up easily with our grade 8 chain to make the perfect lifting sling for your application.

There are a wide range of hooks with clevis, eye, or swivel connections and with or without safety catches, some are also self locking. We also have shortening grab hooks, foundry hooks, grab hooks & masterlinks for 1, 2, 3 & 4 leg slings.

Help & Ordering Grade 8 Slings

Browse our range below to view our range of price competitive, quality grade 8 components which we can make up into a grade 8 sling to suit your specific requirements. We can also supply grade 10 chain slings to your requirements as well as stainless steel  slings.

To purchase directly online you can use the drop down boxes to choose your specific items. If you can’t make up the sling you need from here then give us a call on 01384 76961 where our sales team will be happy to take your details and supply a quote. Orders can also be taken over the phone.

About Chain Slings

Chain slings are commonly used for lifting heavy loads; they can be used in many different ways making them a very versatile piece of lifting equipment.

They are frequently used in industrial factories, foundries, steel mills, dockyards and many other areas where there is a need for lifting and moving heavy loads. As an example, in a dock yard they can be seen attached to a crane and used to lift large containers off ships by hooking the ends of the sling into the anchor points on the container.

They are also used in a hitch type configuration where the sling is wrapped under and around the load and then hooked into the anchor point on the lifting device, this method is often used on smaller loads such as palletised items.

The most popular slings are the endless  sling, single leg sling, the double leg, triple leg and four leg chain slings, each type has variable working load limits which can be affected by the type of hitch used so you must always consult the relevant documentation or suppliers for precise details which must always be followed for safety’s sake, a reputable lifting gear company will be able to supply the relevant documentation for the safe use of these products.

Common Chain Slinging Hitch Types

A straight hitch is has a direct, inline pull and most popular with single leg slings. The sling is attached to the lifting device via its top master link and the hooked leg is anchored onto the load in a perpendicular line.

A basket hitch is where the chain legs will wrap around under the load and hooked back into the master link.

A choke hitch is where the chain is wrapped around under the load but the end hook is then attached back into a chain link to provide a firm grip.

One of the most important aspects to consider when using a any type of chain sling is the angle of the legs from the straight vertical position. This must never be over 60 degrees and apart from straight lifts the angle should not really be under 15 degrees as this can make the lift unstable. These slings should never ever be knotted, if they are too long a shortening hook can be used without affecting safety.


It is crucial to check over your chain  before each use to ensure there are no cracked or distorted links or anything else that may be a cause for concern, if anything is noticed then the sling should not be used until it can be inspected and tested by a competent person, repairs can often be done by removing damaged links.

Lifting Gear Direct can offer repairs, on-site testing and inspection services for all your chain slings and other lifting equipment.

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