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Stainless steel chain slings

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Stainless Steel Chain Slings

Buy Custom Stainless Steel Chain Slings for Lifting

Lifting Gear Direct can now supply a wide range of stainless steel chain slings to best suit your lifting task. We can supply grade 8 stainless chains of any length and with a good choice of stainless steel sling components you are sure to get exactly what you need. We can also make up standard grade 8 or grade 10 steel chain slings to your specific requirements.

Stainless Steel Single Leg Chain Sling


About the Stainless Steel Single Leg Chain Sling For a chain sling that wi..

Stainless Steel Double Leg Chain Sling


About the Stainless Steel Double Leg Chain Sling Give yourself more attachment ..

Stainless Steel 3 Leg Chain Sling


About the Stainless steel Chain Sling Lift larger loads without worrying whethe..

Stainless Steel 4 Leg Chain Sling


About the Stainless Steel 4 Leg Chain Sling Combining corrosion resistance..

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Stainless Steel Chain Slings

Stainless Steel Lifting Slings

Stainless Steel Chain Slings are commonly used in areas such as the food industry, power plants, renewable energies, nautical engineering, water & waste industries and mechanical and plant engineering. Stainless is exceptionally easy to clean and has excellent resistance to many issues that would affect standard chain; this is all thanks to its chemical makeup of chromium, carbon, molybdenum in various quantities. 

Stainless is a lot nicer to look at than standard steel too and although you may think that it doesn’t matter how a chain sling looks, sometimes it may; we have supplied stainless slings for lifting and showcasing large items at shows, such as the car show for lifting a new car to show it off, or perhaps a large piece or art.

The chain itself is available in six different diameters from 6mm up to 16mm and can be supplied in any length.

The working load limit varies for each chain diameter and also how many legs you sling will have. So, as an example a 6mm single leg sling will have a WLL of 0.90 kg, whilst a 3 leg, 6mm will have a WLL of 1.85kg. Please see the specification table for all the details.

You should also bear in mind that whatever the WLL of your chain; you must ensure the fittings/components are of the same or higher WLL.

Stainless Steel Chain Sling Assemblies

We are able to assemble any size and length of chain with your preferred component to suit your requirements. Our range includes lifting chain, endless chain slings, master links, sub-assemblies, shorteners, hooks, connecting links and identification tags. We can also supply you with individual components if necessary.

Safety & Maintenance

Maintaining your chain is paramount to its safety whilst in use. Regular checks for any deviations from the norm should be looked for as any issue, no matter how small could potentially lead to load failure.

Whenever lifting slings are used, no matter what the type, safe slinging practices should always be adhered to. This includes using the charts detailing slinging angles and hitch types which all affect the safe working load of a chain sling.

Order now or Call for Help

It’s easy to order all of our chain slings from Lifting Gear Direct; use the drop down menus to choose your elements and then add it to your cart to purchase online. Alternatively you can order and pay over the phone on 01384 76961. This number can also be used if you need help and/or advice for this or any other lifting equipment we offer.

If you require any other stainless equipment then we also have a great range of stainless steel lifting shackles and also stainless wire rope and fittings.

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