12 tonne round sling

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12 Tonne Round Sling

12 Tonne Round Sling

This is a round sling for lifting up to 12000kg in a standard straight lift. Other hitch types can be achieved with a lower safe working load. 

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About the 12 Tonne Round Sling

Bringing with it all the benefits of our other lifting sling products, this 12 tonne capacity round sling is suited to use with loads that are more susceptible to damage than most. It is also resistant to wear and tear in its own right, improving its longevity. 

Brief overview

This is the largest in our range of round lifting slings available to buy online and can handle loads up to 12000kg in a straight lift, double in a basket lift but less in a choke lift, always consult the load charts for the correct safe working load and safe angles of lifting. These larger lifting slings are orange in colour making them swiftly identifiable. 

Although this is the largest we sell directly online, we can supply much larger orange round slings with SWL up to 100 tonne if required. We also stock a huge variety of other lifting sling products, including standard web slings which provide reliable lifting in various scenarios, chain slings and associated accessories of different grades to suit your needs, fibre rope slings and even wear sleeves. 

Lots of lifting equipment options available

Whatever challenging lifting operations you want to take on, Lifting Gear Direct is here to help with an impressive family of equipment to encompass almost any application. 

We are experts when it comes to creating custom crane and gantry systems for our clients, many of which will be able to work well in conjunction with this 12 tonne round sling. Tell us what you require and we will capably conjure up a compellingly effective creation in a jiffy. 

We also supply products from a bevy of other brands, including the likes of Yale and GT, so whatever your preference, we have the right kit for you. Hoists, winches and accessories are just a few of the options to consider. 

Looking for help with round slings?

Contact us if you require any additional information, you can learn about safe slinging from our experts and also ask questions about the products we supply. To get in touch you can either call 01384 76961 or email us using our response form.


Average Diameter MM Lifting Factor Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 O Basket x 2 Basket angle 45 x 1.4 Basket angle 45-60 x 1
  Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
    straight hitch type

choke hitch type

basket hitch type

basket angle hitch type

hitch type

59 ORANGE 12 9.6 24 16.8 12