8 tonne round sling

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8 Tonne Round Sling

8 Tonne Round Sling

The blue colour identifies this as an 8 tonne round lifting sling; useable in many hitch types. The 8000kg round sling is available in a variety of lengths up to 5 metres and is available to buy online.

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About the 8 Tonne Round Sling 

Designed to make handling delicate loads less of a hassle, our lifting sling range includes this 8 tonne capacity round sling example which is even more convenient to put into use thanks to its colour coded design and customisable dimensions. 

Standardised features of the 8000kg round sling

The 8 tonnes round sling is blue for easier classification, this is in accordance with the lifting industry standard colour coding scheme. 

These durable round slings are gentler on the load thanks to the soft filling inside the outer tube, this has no seams to rub or split. 

Safe slinging practices should always be observed as should the load tables for ascertaining the correct safe working load for the hitch type you will be using. 

As with our other round sling products, this 8 tonne capacity unit can be configured in several different lifting hitches, each of which will have a different WLL to take into account. You can also combine more than one of these slings to increase the capacity, but whatever your needs it is important to consider safety regulations to avoid accidents. 

Should you realise that the 8 tonne vertical lift capacity of this round sling is not enough to meet your requirements, Lifting Gear Direct can also supply sturdier slings with WLLs of anywhere up to 12 tonnes. 

Add-ons and extras

If you are ordering lifting slings from LGD it makes sense to also cast your eye over the extensive array of equipment we offer which could compliment your sling purchase. 

Take our hoists, for example. We stock manual chain hoists, lever hoists, scaffold hoists and electric hoists from some of the biggest brands around, as well as offering a number of our own-brand products in this category. 

Whatever you need, we can almost certainly supply it, so you can create a comprehensive lifting assembly even if you are starting with nothing. 

Ordering with LGD

Whether you are ready to order or just want more information, get in touch with us via email or by calling 01384 76961.

Average Diameter MM Lifting Factor Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 O Basket x 2 Basket angle 45 x 1.4 Basket angle 45-60 x 1
  Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
    vertical hitch

choke hitch

basket hitch

45 angle basket

angled basket

48 BLUE 8 6.4 16 11.2 8