6 tonne duplex web sling

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6 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

6 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

Brown 6000kg duplex web slings available to purchase today from your trusted lifting sling supplier - Lifting Gear Direct. Buy 6 tonne webbing slings today.

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6 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features

Webslings come in lots of different sizes to accommodate payloads of various kinds, with this 6 tonne duplex websling featuring a decent capacity and the versatility of several hitching options for added convenience. 

6 tonne webbing sling Design features

The 6 tonne duplex web sling is brown in colour so it can be easily identified as a 6000kg web sling by the user; this follows the industry standard guidelines. 

This 6 tonne sling can be purchased in a range of lengths up to and including 12 metres and it may be used in a number of hitch types. You should consult the load table for safe working load limit variations for anything other than a straight lift. 

As mentioned earlier, the hitch types which can be achieved using this websling are fairly varied, with a standard vertical attachment type delivering the full 6 tonne WLL while the alternatives are endowed with different limitations that need to be taken into account. Choose between choke and basket hitch configurations according to your needs and the nature of the load that is being lifted. 

Our broad line up explored

We supply many other web sling sizes as well as round slings and chain slings, all at great everyday low prices. 

Also found within this category are disposable one way slings, which are typically used for lifting and loading cargo in scenarios where reusing the sling is not necessary. Whether you require endless one way slings or units with soft eyes in a specific length, we can use our expertise to assist you. 

You can even order fibre rope slings from Lifting Gear Direct, showing that we are happy to work with a range of materials to satisfy the needs of our customers. Choose from various material types, including synthetic fibre ropes as well as natural equivalents made using manila and sisal. 

Ask an expert

Whether you are well acquainted with rope slings and need a quick quote or you are new to this product category and have lots of questions, LGD can help. Dial 01384 76961 or email us today and one of our specialists will make sure that you receive the assistance you desire.



Simplex Sling Endless & Duplex sling Lifting Factor  Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 Basket 0º x 2 Basket      0-45º x 1.4 Basket 45-60º x 1
Width in mm  Width in mm Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
300 180 BROWN 6 4.8 12 8.4 6