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Long Outreach Over braced I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane

Long Outreach Over braced I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane

These long outreaching cranes have a low dead weight and form part of the Demag pillar swing jib crane range.

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  • Product Code: Long Outreach Over braced I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane
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Key Elements of the Long Outreach Over Braced I Beam Pillar Jib Crane

The extended reach of up to 8 meters on the boom of these Demag jib cranes will enable you to cover a much larger area within your work setting. Fitted to a pillar the boom is able to slew through 300 degrees, though there is an adjustable limiting device available should you wish to limit the rotation so that it stops in a particular spot.

There are 7 different lifting capacities of jib cranes to choose from which range from the lowest at just 80 kg to the highest at 2000kg. The outreach goes up to 8 metres though the choice will vary depending on which lifting capacity you choose.

As with the other Demag pillar mounted jib cranes they are secured with chemical dressed anchor bolts to ensure a secure and stable fixing. As stipulated by LOLER you must have this type of equipment inspected on a regular basis. Lifting Gear Direct can complete this for you with one of our trained engineers.

Supplementary Lifting Gear

As with all types of cranes and gantry systems, other lifting gear will almost always be needed. Hoisting equipment such as electric hoists of manual chain blocks are common place and these are often fitted to the crane beam with a beam clamp or trolley. Lifting slings to anchor the load and lifting shackles to fit the sling to the load and/or hoist are commonly seen in many lifting operations. Lifting Gear Direct can supply all your lifting gear needs.

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Load capacity Outreach
[kg]  [m]
  2 3 4 5 6 7
80 C C C C C C
125 C C C C C C
250 C C C C C C
500 C C C C C C
1000 C C C C C C
1600 C C C C D D
2000 C C C D D D