Long shank collared eye bolt metric thread

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Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Metric Thread

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Metric Thread

An established option in our collared eyebolt category, these variants with an extended shank and the metric thread design can accommodate plenty of different loads. 

Available Options

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You can find a full table with all the technical details below, or read on to get an overview of what this type of lifting accessory can offer. You will also find our contact details and advice on how to order, which will make things simple once you decide which eyebolt option makes the most sense for you. 

Chief Benefits of the Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Metric Thread

A long shank collared eyebolt with metric thread dimensions will be a sturdy and reliable addition to whatever lifting assembly you are creating or construction project you are stewarding. The lower end of the range includes a compact bolt that has a safe working load of 250kg, while a speedy scan to the other end of the spectrum reveals that the largest unit can manage four tonnes safely. 

Whichever type of eyebolt you pick be sure to take note of the load bearing potential and dimensions, as these will put upper and lower limits on what it can achieve after installation. 

Versatile Anchor Point Options

The longer shank of this model may not be required, in which case the standard metric thread collared eyebolt we offer will be a perfect alternative. In this instance the SWL can rise as high as 20 tonnes, which makes it better for heavy duty industrial use. 

Our line up of long shank collared eye bolts also includes Whitworth thread  units, so you do not have to plump for the metric thread setup if it is a hindrance rather than a help. This is just one example of the flexibility and variety that our in-depth range of components provides. 

How and where to order Eye Bolts

For friendly, fast advice on any lifting gear topic, you can always talk to our team on 01384 76961. This is also the most straightforward way to request a quote, or get more information about our fittings. To communicate digitally, the best option is to head to our contacts page where you can fill out our rapid response form. Lifting Gear Direct can supply products from respected brands at competitive prices, whatever your equipment needs.



long shank collared eye bolt metric thread
Safe Working Load Diameter Thread Diameter Base Diameter Eye Outside Diameter Eye Inside Thickness Collar Height Thread Length Weight Each
tonnes a mm b mm c mm e mm f mm g mm h mm kg
0.25 10 22 33 15 7 36 178 0.18
0.4 12 28 41 19 11 45 178 0.25
0.5 14 36 52 24 14 58 178 0.4
0.8 16 36 52 24 14 58 178 0.44
1 18 43 62 29 17 69 178 0.7
1.6 20 43 62 29 17 69 178 0.7
1.6 22 50 73 33 17 74 178 1.05
2.5 24 57 82 38 19 87 178 1.5
4 30 71 104 48 24 116 178 2.8