Bux battery powered lifting magnet bm5000

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BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM5000

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM5000

The BUX BM5000 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet is the largest in the BM series, this magnet has a maximum WLL of 5000kgs. There are smaller models in the range if you don't need one with this larger lifting power.

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 Its heavy-duty capabilities make it perfect for managing unwieldy steel loads, while its remote control means that it is safer to use than some alternatives. 

Core Capabilities of the BUX BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM5000

  • It has 2 independently suspended 2500 magnets to enable the lifting of larger loads.
  • Unit weighs: 203kgs.
  • 12Volt rechargeable battery pack on-board. 8 hours discharge time at 50% duty.
  • 3 pole flat magnet.
  • Remote control unit with a 4-5 m operating range.
  • Bail sensor. 

Perks of the BM5000 Lifting Magnet

Because this bit of kit is powered by an onboard battery and equipped with a pair of lifting magnets, its five tonne working load limit is achieved safely

The magnets feature a flat surface, allowing them to make comprehensive contact with metal sheets and other components. The battery life is consistent with the other models in the BUX range, including lower capacity alternatives like the BM1350. We also stock models from Eclipse to give you more choice. 

You might choose a battery powered lifting magnet if our permanent magnet range is not able to provide adequate load capacities. Even with the need to recharge the onboard battery after each session of use, it should still be more than adequate for most intended purposes, so long as you follow the guidelines for safety

Be sure to check out our hoists if you are looking to move non-magnetic loads. We always supply the biggest brands and the highest quality kit for any job. 

All your Battery Powered Lifting Magnet Questions Answered

With the help we can provide, you should be able to sift through all of our lifting equipment and identify the right product with ease. To talk to our team about your issue, call 01384 76961 or email us to get a reply emailed to you as soon as possible.

  Material Thickness (mm)  Surface Condition 
    Clean and smooth ground surface Air gap < 0.1mm Rusty/hot rolled surface Air gap 0.1-0.3mm Irregular and rough surface Air gap 0.3-0.5mm 
    Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG)
BM 5000 50 3600x3300 5000 3300x3000 4200 3000x2700 3500
38 3300x3300 3700 3300x3000 3240 3000x2700 2700
25 3300x3300 2400 3300x3000 2260 3000x2700 1900
19 3000x2700 1600 3000x2700 1400 2700x2700 1220
13 2700x2400 740 2700x2400 720 2700x2400 660
10 2100x2100 500 2100x2100 400 2100x2100 360
6 1800x1800 220 1800x1800 200 1800x1800 280
Type Description L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Weight (KG) Tested lifting capacity (KG) Safe lifting capacity for flat material (KG) Accumulator capacity (V/Ah) Accumulator type (DIN) Working time at 50% load (H)
BM 5000 3 poles flat magnet  1200 300 460 203 10000 5000 25903 43539-3 8