Bux battery powered lifting magnet bm2500

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BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM2500

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM2500

The BM2500 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet has a maximum Lifting Capacity = 2500kgs. It features a 3 pole flat magnet and comes with a built-in battery that can be recharged with ease, making it more powerful than permanent lifting magnets.

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 Perks of the BUX BM2500 Battery Magnet Lifter

  • Weighs 72kg.
  • Tested breakaway load = 5000kgs.
  • Remote control with 4-5 m range.
  • Built-in, rechargeable 12V battery.
  • Lift & release push buttons.
  • Bail sensor to prevent de-magnetization whilst holding a load. 

What makes Battery Powered Lifting Magnets Effective?

We sell high quality lifting equipment of all kinds, and in certain situations it is sensible to choose a magnetic lifting solution over a traditional alternative. The BUX BM2500 is excellent in manufacturing scenarios where high volumes of steel need to be handled safely, manoeuvred efficiently and controlled remotely. This might be in a factory, workshop or other environment where power and precision are important. 

Although this product requires power to keep the magnet working, it does not need to be plumbed into a mains supply. The built-in battery pack takes care of this, making it incredibly simple to deploy and move without any hassle. Recharging is fairly swift and it should last for up to eight hours before it needs to be powered up again. 

With the infrared remote working at distances of up to five metres, operators can stand well back, avoiding any potential dangers, while remaining in total control at all times. And because there is a bail sensor onboard, the magnet will remain active during load-bearing duties to avoid accidental drops

Get help with Battery Powered Lifting Magnets

If you are uncertain about any of our products, need additional info or just want some quick advice to point you in the right direction, Lifting Gear Direct will happily oblige. Either head to our contact page to email us, or call our hotline on 01384 76961 for instant assistance.

  Material Thickness (mm)  Surface Condition 
    Clean and smooth ground surface Air gap < 0.1mm Rusty/hot rolled surface Air gap 0.1-0.3mm Irregular and rough surface Air gap 0.3-0.5mm 
    Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG)
BM2500 50 2400x2400 2500 2400x2100 2100 2100x2100 1750
38 2400x2400 1850 2400x2100 1620 2100x2100 1350
25 2400x2400 1200 2400x2100 1130 2100x2100 950
19 2400x2100 800 2100x2100 700 2100x1800 610
13 1800x1800 370 1800x1800 360 1800x1800 330
10 1800x1500 250 1800x1500 200 1800x1500 180
6 1500x1200 110 1500x1200 100 1500x1200 90
H (mm) Weight (KG) Tested lifting capacity (KG) Safe lifting capacity for flat material (KG) Accumulator capacity (V/Ah) Accumulator type (DIN) Working time at 50% load (H)
460 72 5000 2500 18598 43539-3 8