Bux battery powered lifting magnet bmp1800

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BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BMP1800

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BMP1800

The BUX BMP1800 Battery Powered Lifting Magnet is a 2 pole, 'V' shaped magnet. This means it is not just capable of handling flat-surfaced loads, but also cylinders of steel.

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 It is one of our most versatile battery powered lifting magnets. Just be sure to follow safety procedures and load limit changes that come with handling irregular loads. 

Main Perks of BUX BMP1800

  • Will lift cylindrical materials as well as flat.
  • Maximum WLL = 1800kg. (rules apply)
  • Unit Weighs: 167kgs.
  • Can be used to lift 'H' beams, angles, channels and Tees & Zees.
  • Bi-polar magnet.
  • Max. lifting capacity is only obtained with a pack/plate thickness of 50mm or over. 

Advantages of V Shaped Lifting Magnets

As already mentioned, the configuration of this magnet means that cylindrical loads can be handled just as capably as standard types. The shape of the magnet also means that the diameter and dimensions of the cylinder are less relevant, since the indent will accommodate almost any measurements effectively. 

The only thing to bear in mind is the load limit, which at 1.8 tonnes is solid without being range-topping. That honour goes to the BMP3600, which has twice the capacity of this model. 

Other Battery Powered Lifting Magnet Options

Our range of flat-surfaced magnetic lifters from BUX includes low-capacity models like the BM1350 and range-topping options like the BM5000. You can also find handle-driven permanent lifting magnets on our site, as well as standard hoists, winches and other kit. Whatever organisation you operate or load you need to lug, we sell the right gear to help you out. 

Looking for hints and tips when Choosing Lifting Gear?

Get in touch with LGD and we can clear up any confusion, provide quotes and point you in the direction of the perfect product. Give our team a ring on 01384 76961, or use our site to contact us and we will get back to you with a friendly, helpful email.


  Material Thickness (mm)  Surface Condition 
    Clean and smooth ground surface Air gap < 0.1mm Rusty/hot rolled surface Air gap 0.1-0.3mm Irregular and rough surface Air gap 0.3-0.5mm 
    Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG) Max dimensions LxW (mm) WLL (KG)
BMP 1800 50 2000x2000 1800 1700x1500 1030 1500x1500 930
38 1900x1900 1130 1800x1500 930 1800x1500 850
25 2100x2100 1020 2100x1800 840 2100x1800 760
19 2400x2100 800 2100x1800 660 2100x1800 590
13 2400x2100 570 2100x2100 470 2100x1800 420
10 2100x2100 390 2100x1800 310 2100x1500 270
6 2000x2000 250 2000x1500 200 1800x1500 150
Type Description L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Weight (KG) Tested lifting capacity (KG) Safe lifting capacity for flat material (KG) Safe lifting capacity for circular material (KG) Accumulator capacity (V/Ah) Accumulator type (DIN) Working time at 50% load (H)
BMP 1800 2 poles magnet with prism  470 242 610 167 3600 1800 1100 25903 43539-3 8