RUD WBG Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD WBG Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD Starpoint VRS Swivel Eye Bolts

RUD Starpoint VRS Swivel Eye Bolt

RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt

The RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt can be used in multiple pulling directions.

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About the RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt

The RUD VLBG plus Swivel Eye Bolt rotates a full 360 degrees and adjusts to the pull direction.

The full working load limit is obtainable in all recommended directions.

Bolt is held captive within the body.

RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt load directions

Method of Lift  lift type lift type lift type lift type  lift type lift type  lift type lift type
Number of legs11222223 & 43 & 43 & 4
Angle of inclination <β0°90°0°90°0-45°45-60°unsymm.0-45°45-60°unsymm. 
TypeThreadWLL in metric tons, bolted and adjusted to the direction of pull 
VLBG 0.63tM80.630.631.261.260.880.630.631.30.940.63
VLBG 0.9tM100.
VLBG  1.35tM121.351.352.
VLBG 1.2tM141.
VLBG 2tM1622442.8224.232
VLBG 2tM1822442.8224.232
VLBG 3.5tM203.53.5774.
VLBG 4.5tM244.54.5996.
VLBG 6.7tM306.76.713.413.
VLBG 8tM3688161611.28816.8128
VLBG 10tM4210102020141010211510
VLBG 15tM421515303021151531.522.515
VLBG 20tM4820204040282020423020
TypeWLL (t)Weight (KG)AB max.CDEFGH stand.H max.JKL stand.L max.MNSWISKTTorque
VLBG 0.63t M80.630.33054343540122911767545401058321357530Nm
VLBG 0.9t M100.90.3230543424391229159675454412510321767560Nm
VLBG 1.35 M121.350.333254342638122918116754547145123219875150Nm
VLBG 1.2t M14 1.20.52335636303913.5362434864760701438241085150Nm
VLBG 2t M1620.55335636303913.536221498647581851638241085150Nm
VLBG 2t M1821.5508254455016.5433722213078809018483012110200Nm
VLBG 3.5t M203.51.3508254455516.54332187113647523020483012110400Nm
VLBG 4.5t M244.51.55082544567184337222130788026524483614125760Nm
VLBG 6.7t M306.73.36010365606722.5614927915180110340306746171471000Nm
VLBG 8t M3683.47712282709726.5776322320511014030036875522197800Nm
VLBG 10t M42106.77712282709426.57773273205110150350427065241971000Nm
VLBG 15t M421511.29515610085109368763413230130150500421006524*2221500Nm
VLBG 20t M482011.695156100951053687733032301301603504810075272222000Nm

RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt dimensions

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