Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley

Yalelift 360 Chain Block with Integrated Trolley

Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yale VSlll Chain Block

Yalelift 360 Chain Block

The Yalelift 360 Chain Block is hugely versatile due to the 360° rotating hand chain guide enabling operation from almost any position, including horizontal pulling.

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Yalelift 360-Chain Block

Like all of Yale’s other manual chain hoist ranges, it spans a number of different model types, with varied lifting capacities on offer. Read on to get the lowdown on the 360 Chain Block and find out about its key features and benefits, as well as the other kit of this type we sell.

Yalelift 360 Chain Block Design & Capabilities

  • Useful in confined areas.
  • The plane between the top & bottom hook must always be in a straight line and deration of the SWL will apply.
  • Hand wheel cover rotates through 360°
  • Greater safety due to being able to operate the hoist outside of the danger zone.
  • The 360 enables you to work from above the load.
  • Smooth chain operation with great precision.
  • Available in 7 models, with SWL from 500kg up to 20000kg.

Yalelift 360 Chain Hoist Advantages

The versatility of the 360° hand wheel cover is definitely the main selling point of this chain block range. Lifting equipment safety is a big concern for any business, so being able to put operators out of harm’s way during heavy duty manoeuvres makes a major difference. This even applies if they need to be positioned overhead, rather than below the load itself. Almost any hoist configuration is taken into account thanks to this design decision.

The perks of this feature go hand in hand with the overall seamlessness of this hoist’s operation. You can be sure that the chain will not snag or stutter, nor the load drop suddenly or tilt erratically. These same benefits will be present whether you pick the entry level 500kg payload 360 chain hoist, or the largest unit with a 20-tonne safe weight limit to its name.

Manual Chain Block Options & Considerations

A chain block like the Yalelift 360 can be an asset for any organisation that is looking to limit workplace injuries. It is just one of many different products we stock in this category, which includes products from Tractel, Tiger, Hacketts and lots of other well known manufacturers.

Model Capacity KGNumber of chain falls Chain dimensions d x p mmLift per 1m hand chain overhaul mm Pull on hand chain at WLL daN Weight at standard lift (3m) KG 
YL50050015 x 1533219
YL1000100016 x 18203013
YL2000200018 x 24143220
YL30003000110 x 30123829
YL5000500210 x 3063438
YL1000010000310 x 3044471
YL2000020000610 x 3022 x 44196
Model YL500YL1000YL2000YL3000YL5000YL10000YL20000
A min, mm3003353955206548251065
N,mm 14192230375056

Yalelift 360 Chain Block dimensions

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