Liftket Electric Hoists from Lifting Gear Direct

Liftket electric hoists from lifting gear direct

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Liftket Electric Hoists from Lifting Gear Direct

Liftket Electric Hoists from Lifting Gear Direct
6 January, 2022

Buy Liftket Electric Hoists from Lifting Gear Direct

Lifting Gear Direct now supply the latest collection of reliable electric hoists from German manufacturer Liftket, who were the first manufacturer to the world markets with the horizontal design of the motor and gearbox as well as using a slip clutch for overload protection.

Most Liftket electric hoists are made to order according to the purchasers requirements however there is a group of Star Liftket hoists which fall under the Speedline range. The Star Speedline electric hoist range is almost ready to go, just choose your configuration and it will usually be delivered within a maximum 15 working days but often in less than a week. Call us for the latest delivery times.

If you have not heard of or used a Liftket hoist before don't worry they are a trustworthy brand, they work great, are easy to use and service and pretty good price wise too!  so buy a Liftket electric hoist today, you won't be disappointed!

Types of Liftket Electric Chain Hoists

At the forefront of the collection is the Star Liftket electric hoist with safe working loads of up to 6300kg. This modular hoist is the basis for the rest of the collection where you will find various configurations to suit a wide range of lifting applications.

The electronically controlled VFD model lifts at variable speeds and can lift up to 2000kg. Then comes the B13 & power Liftket hoists with 1 or 2 trolleys respectively and lifting capacities up to 12500kg.

There are also a couple of low and ultra low headroom options which are ideal if your ceiling height is limited, these will ensure you get the maximum height of lift possible.

Liftket have also designed a collection of special configurations suitable for specific tasks. With a food line hoist for use in food environments and a couple of dual load hook hoisting systems for lifting longer loads with ease and stability.

Another benefit is that all Liftket electric hoists can be used with a radio remote control system to further optimize usage.

                                             Liftket electric chain hoists

Lifting Hoists and Other Lifting Equipment at the Best Prices

Lifting Gear Direct pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive on the market when it comes to Liftket electric chain hoists and all types of lifting equipment. We don't just supply electric hoists, we also supply every other type of hoisting system like chain blocks and lever hoists for example. Other lifting equipment we continuously handle is lifting slings, magnets, cable pullers, bespoke hoists, lifting shackles, eye bolts and so much more.

Asides from electric chain hoists another area of our expertise is the manufacture of our own cranes. Mobile lifting gantry systems and Jib cranes are made in our factory by our own skilled fabricators for fitting by our trained engineers, who also carry out repairs and inspections if required so you have a full back up service.

So whatever your lifting requirements are browse our website. Many products can now be purchased directly online, its quick, easy and safe. For those items that can not be bought online an email or quick call to 01384 76961 is all it takes.