Liftket star vfd electric hoist

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Liftket Star VFD Electric Hoist

Liftket Star VFD Electric Hoist

The Star Liftket VFD is an electric hoist that is electronically controlled and can lift at variable speeds of up to 24 metres per minute. Available in lifting capacities up to 2000 Kg.

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About the Star VFD Electric Hoist

There are a number of safe working load models to choose from with the VFD electric hoist collection; 125, 250, 500, 1000 & 2000 Kg are available in either single phase or three phase power supplies and can be used worldwide.

The VFD hoist has a choice of hook or eye suspension; with the addition of a choice of 1 or 2 holes for the eye suspension choice. Push travel or electric powered beam trolleys are also readily available for the Star VFD.

Key Features of the Liftket VFD Hoist

Due to the fact that the Star VFD is electronically controlled the speeds at which it can lift are variable. Speeds can vary between 2 metres per minute and 24 metres per minute depending on the load.

With the speeds being load dependent the electric hoist may be run at up to 200% of the nominal speed when unloaded, this can save great amounts of time. The reduction of stand-by time can help to speed up your lifting operations and therefore increasing productivity whilst reducing the time taken to complete each lift.

The slowest speeds can be very useful as they enable precise positioning of more delicate loads.

Another key benefit to the Star VFD hoist is the integrated lifetime display showing some really useful values. It is easy to read and will show the number of operating hours as well as the hours spent at full load and the remaining useful life of the hoist. The monitor also shows the number of brake clearances as well as the inverter temperature. All this information will help to decrease maintenance requirements and costs as well as constant monitoring of the hoist and how it is being used. The information will also let you know when the hoist may be coming to the end of its working life giving you time to prepare a replacement.

The Star VFD Liftket electric hoist also boasts an emergency stop function which has an extremely short stopping distance which means the hoist will stop quickly and therefore enhancing its safety. There are also top and bottom high spec limit switches together with thermal protection.

The Star VFD is fully compatible with other elements from the Liftket electric hoist series; chain bags, trolley and chain options and also all mechanical accessories and components.

More Electric Hoists from Liftket

If you like the look of Liftket electric hoists but this particular model is not quite right for your needs then check out the other hoists in the Liftket range at Lifting Gear Direct. You will find the foodline electric hoist for use in the food industry; a low headroom hoist; a powerlift hoist and the standard Star model. Alongside these electric hoists there is also a special collection for use on stage and within the entertainment industry, this is the Stageket electric hoist.

Special configurations can also be catered for with the Liftket hoist collection. Browse the complete range and compare with electric hoists from other manufacturers like Yale, Stahl, Gis and Demag to find your perfect electric lifting hoist.

3 Ph – Model variants
kgs ISO TYPE STAR Chain (mm) Speed m/min
125 M6 125/1-12 070/58 V 7,2×21 2-24
250 M6 250/1-12 070/58 V 7,2×21 2-24
500 M6 500/1-8 070/54 V 7,2×21 1-16
1000 M5 1000/1-6 070/55 V 7,2×21 1-12
2000 M5 2000/2-3 070/55 V 7,2×21 0,5-6


1 Ph – Model variants
kgs ISO TYPE STAR Chain (mm) Speed m/min
125 M6 125/1-12 070/03 V 7,2×21 2-24
250 M6 250/1-12 070/03 V 7,2×21 2-24
500 M6 500/1-8 070/04 V 7,2×21 1-16
1000 M5 1000/1-6 070/011 V 7,2×21 1-12
2000 M5 2000/2-3 070/01 V 7,2×21 0,5-6