New Lifting Equipment & Material Handling Products

New lifting equipment material handling products

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New Lifting Equipment & Material Handling Products

New Lifting Equipment & Material Handling Products
16 August, 2022

Here at Lifting Gear Direct we have been very busy adding new products to our ever expanding range of lifting equipment and material handling solutions. Here is a breakdown of some of the latest lifting gear to enable the lifting and moving of different types of heavy loads in a variety of ways.

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Here are our latest additions, keep checking back to keep up to date.

2nd Generation Electric Hoist

We are now importing our own electric hoists featuring all the latest technological designs and components. The 2nd generation Delta DEH electric hoist is comparable to other major branded hoists. A key benefit is that we keep them in stock so delivery will be super quick.

Lifting Bags

Industrial lifting bags are are an innovative way of lifting loads whilst having the ability to be handled and stored easier than most types of lifting gear, this is thanks to their soft, foldable nature. There are open and closed top lifting bags, bags most useful for construction sites and a range of bags for specific items such as gas bottle lifting bags and solar panel lifting bags.

Gas Bottle Handling Solutions

Gas cylinders are tricky items to handle and lift so we have introduce a range of gas bottle lifting equipment, gas cylinder trolleys for easy transportation and some simple storage options.

Pallet Stackers & Furniture Movers

Material handling or load moving is carried out on a daily basis in many areas, many of these loads will be on pallets and a loaded pallet is very difficult or impossible to move manually. Hydraulic pallet stacker trucks enable palleted loads to be lifted, moved and stacked, stored or loaded into a vehicle with ease.

Our new range of furniture movers can be used by the diy-er or professional removal firms and enable large items of furniture like heavy cabinets to be re-located with minimal effort.

Tool Balancers

Lifting Gear Direct now has a great collection of tool balancers or spring balancers to enable easy tool handling for repetitive tasks.

Drum Handling Equipment

Our already big range of drum handling solutions just got bigger. Now with an even greater choice of drum dollies, drum trolleys, drum stackers and rotators, there is something for every scenario.

Atex Lifting Equipment

Atex rated lifting gear is required in hazardous areas where there is a risk of explosions. We have incorporated a stand alone category where you will find many types of Atex equipment in one place including hoists, trolleys and height safety equipment.

Crane Scales

We have a new range of crane scales to offer for easy assessment of the weight of your load.

Static Lift Platforms

These form part of the load moving collection and incorporate a choice of hydraulic lifting tables/platforms which have a static base, ideal for use at the side of a workstation or assembly lines.

Pallet Trucks with Scales

This is a new category separate from the standard pallet trucks, This collection incorporates a weighing scale so that you can determine the weight of each load as you move them around.

Pallet Stackers

Pallet stackers are like a tall pallet truck with forks attached. They enable palletized loads to be lifted and loaded with ease. There are currently 7 model choices.

Scaffold Runway Systems

A scaffold runway system attaches to scaffolding poles to form a runway beam from which to suspend a lifting hoist, effectively turning your scaffold tower into a small craning system where loads can be lifted and moved along the beam.

Crane & Hoist Radio Remote Control Systems

Introducing the Flex base radio control system for use with cranes and electric hoists. The wireless remote control enables unhindered operation with programmable functions.

Come and take a fresh look at the Lifting Gear Direct website where you will undoubtedly find the lifting equipment and material handling solution you are looking for all at some of the keenest prices around. Help is always on hand at 01384 76961.