Pressure gauge adapters

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Pressure Gauge Adapters

Pressure Gauge Adapters

Buy the pressure gauge adapter from Lifting Gear Direct along with any other hydraulic equipment you require.
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About Pressure Gauge Adapters

Our pressure gauge adapter is is from our hydraulic fittings range and the easy way to attach a gauge face/clock to your hydraulic system, whether it’s a cylinder, pump or manifold. Our gauge blocks can also be used in conjunction with these to alter the gauge direction if required.

Other Hydraulics

We have many different types of hydraulic lifting solutions at Lifting Gear Direct with our collection including floor jacks, hand pumps and bottle jacks as well as a range of different types of hydraulic cylinders. Browse our full collection to find out more.

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Get in touch if you need additional information or advice regarding this product or anything else regarding lifting equipment and applications you need. We have qualified engineers on hand to test, inspect and repair most types of lifting equipment.