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ROV Release Shackles

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ROV Release Shackles
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Lifting Gear Direct can supply a range of special shackles which have been developed for sub-sea use with a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) hence the name ROV release shackles. Our range is the green pin variety so you can be assured of good quality subsea shackles. Ideal for use with our sub-sea chain hoist.

The design of these ROV shackles enables the hydraulic arm on the ROV to manipulate and release the shackles as necessary whilst under water, a task which prior to the development of these shackles had to be undertaken by a diver.

ROV release shackles are finished with a special, bright white coating so that they are easier to identify in areas with poor visibility. The pin is the standard green colour and all components are galvanized prior to adding the coloured finishes.

These special shackles have numerous design features including the groove on the round pin head for attaching to the shackle body so the pin cannot be detached and lost. There is also an eye mounted to the pin head to facilitate the attachment of the securing device or a monkey’s fist for example. They can all be used safely within the temperature range of -40 degrees up to +200 degrees c.

Due to the nature of these shackles and that each user has their own rules for connecting safety pins and accessories we will supply the stated components only, it is up to the customer to assemble them.

We offer three variations of the ROV release shackles – with spring pins, with locking clamps and with spring loading. All are manufactured from Grade 8 alloy steel with the quench and tempering technique applied.

ROV Release Shackle with Spring Pins

This variation incorporates two spring pins which act as its securing tool; it is feasible to attach the 2 safety pins to facilitate a single grab with the ROV. This shackle is to be used in perpendicular / inline loading only.  It is the user’s responsibility for attaching safety pins with wire ropes, loops and/or monkey’s fists; supplied as standard are the shackle body, pin and 2 spring pins. These are available in working load limits up to 85 tonne. See tables below for more specifications and dimensions.

ROV release Shackles with Locking Clamp

These subsea shackles are ideal for multi-leg slinging operations and also if there is a risk of side loading, though the WLL will be reduced by 50%. The special locking clamp takes the place of the usual nut; as there is no thread in the pin, screwing in is not needed, the clamp simply locks the pin into place and the spring pin double secures. We supply the shackle body, pin and locking clamp with spring pin, it is the user’s responsibility to assemble and attach the clamp with wire.

The safety factors differ with this type;  for WLL up to 85 tonne it is 6:1 – MBL = 6 x WLL; with models of 120 tonnes and over the safety factor is 5:1 – MBL= 5 x WLL. We can supply these shackles with working load limits up to 250 tonne.

ROV Release Shackle with Spring Release

This shackle is for in-line loading only. It is a semi-automatic shackle with a double safety device which will avoid unintentional releasing of the load. Connecting the safety pins to facilitate a single grab with the ROV is possible. The use of this ROV spring loaded shackle can considerably reduce operational times.  For sizes from 42.5 tonne and upwards this ROV shackle will be assembled with rope slings and monkey’s fist; a special tensioner tool is needed to assemble the shackle. Available up to 150 tonne working load limits.

ROV Release Shackle with Spring Pin

ROV release shackle spring pins

WLLDia BowDia PinDia EyeWidth EyeWidth InsideLength InsideWidth BowLengthDiaWeight Each
tonsa mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmh mmk mmkg



Dia BowDia PinDia EyeWidth EyeWidth InsideLength InsideWidth BowLengthWidth Locking ClampWeight Each
tonsa mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmh mmk mmkg

ROV Release with Locking Clamp

rov release shackle with locking clamp

WLLDia BowDia PinDia EyeWidth EyeWidth InsideLength InsideWidth BowLengthLength BoltWeight Each
tonsa mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmh mmi mmkg



Rov Release Shackle with Spring loading

rov release shackle with spring loading

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