500kg Lifting Gantries

500kg Lifting Gantries

2000kg Lifting Gantries

2000kg Lifting Gantries

1000kg Lifting Gantries

With safe working load limits of 1000kg this a-frame gantry has the option of being mobile or stationary. See here for mobile gantry systems with castors. There are plenty of ways to customise the design and capabilities of your lifting gantry when you shop with Lifting Gear Direct. Whether for fixed position or mobile use, indoor or outdoor deployment, we can manufacture amazing lifting gantries that will leave you impressed. 

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1000kg Lifting Gantry Adaptations

Large plated feet can be fitted during production to enable the lifting gantry to be used in a fixed location Special floor bolts will normally be used for securing the lifting gantry; these bolts can be removed to enable the gantry to be moved and used in another location if needed. This is providing the floor is in sound condition and mounting holes can be drilled in order to bolt down the plated feet. 

These types of A-frame gantry systems may be used without the plated feet being securely bolted down, though this is not common practice. The use of parking jacks will solve the problem of unlevel floors and make the gantry much more stable. Stability is key to safe working, which should be something that every organisation considers on a daily basis. Remember to never overload a gantry beyond its limit, or pursue other dangerous practices that go against industry regulations. 

The dimensions can be arranged to suit your requirements. The ‘useable’ beam span (between the legs) can be anything up to 5 metres long, whilst the maximum height under the top beam can be up to 4 ½ metres. 

1000kg Gantry Systems – Accessory Options

Our own custom made lifting gantry systems can be fitted with numerous extra accessories including parking jacks, castors, catenary wires, festoons, isolator switches, and more; we can also supply beam trolleys, electric hoists, chain blocks, slings, hooks, shackles and any other type of lifting equipment, enabling you to acquire all you need from one place. 

Lifting Gear Direct is your one stop shop for custom gantries and branded equipment of all kinds. As we have years of experience working with kit of this kind, we can customise gantries to the specifications required by our customers. If you need a different safe working limit to the 1000kg of load handling power offered here, we sell gantry systems which max out at 5000kg. 

Browse the rest of our site to find safety gear for working at height, our lifting equipment inspection services and everything in between. Our lifting gantries are just the start of the story. 

How to Contact Lifting Gear Direct

Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements. We will provide additional details about the products we sell, give you a price for your custom lifting gantry project or talk through any problems you might have. You can call us on 01384 76961 if you wish or use the contact form on our site to email our experts whenever you have a minute

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