The Strength and Durability of Industrial Grade Beam Trolleys

The strength and durability of industrial grade beam trolleys

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The Strength and Durability of Industrial Grade Beam Trolleys

The Strength and Durability of Industrial Grade Beam Trolleys
26 September, 2018

A beam trolley is used to suspend a hoist from an overhead beam, enabling it to travel up and down the beam with ease. They are mainly used in industries where heavy loads need to be transported from one side of a warehouse to another whilst simultaneously minimalizing the degree of sway.

Different types of beam trolleys

Beam trolleys come in several different variants depending on the size of the load you need it to support. Light duty beam trolleys tend to be push trolleys. These are powered manually, and movement is achieved through pushing against the load. For heavier loads, geared trolleys are more typically used. Geared trolleys are typically operated with a standard 15-foot hand chain drop although other hand chain drops are available. You can also get electric powered beam trolleys. These are powered by an electric motor and operated through a pendant control. They are particularly useful if you need to transport loads over greater distances.

Safety factor

Industrial grade beam trolleys are graded on their safety factor which determines how much extra capacity beyond their expected load they are able to carry. Industrial grade beam trolleys are typically designed with a safety factor of 5:1. This means they can carry up to 5 times more capacity than their predicted load and are suitable for both manual or powered hoists. The safety factor should not be used in place of the safe working load lifting capacity.

Selecting a beam trolley

The type of beam trolley you opt for will depend on the weight of the load you need the hoist to carry and the overall width of the beam. You will also need to know the distance the trolley will be expected to travel as well as the minimum curve radius. The trolley wheel tread should be able to run smoothly and negotiate every curve of the beam with ease. Motorized trolleys are also available in standard as well as special speed configuration of . They are rated in feet per minute travel.

If you require extra protection for your beam trolley, then corrosion or spark resistant versions are available. Anti-drop plates also ensure extra durability and act as wheel guards preventing excessive damage when contacting end rail stoppers.

Beam trolleys such as this one from Corso are popular purchases

Purchasing beam trolleys through Lifting Gear Direct

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we offer a variety of industrial grade beam trolleys suitable for a wide range of applications and environments including standard units through to corrosion resistant trolleys ideal for damp/wet applications. If you need any help or advice choosing the appropriate product for your application, please give us a call on 01384 76961. Alternatively, you can get in touch through our contact us page.

Posted On: September 26, 2018