Tiger prolh lever hoist

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Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist

Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist

The Tiger PROLH lever hoist is the professional s choice and incorporates many advanced safety features making it stand out from the crowd. These hoists are ideal for and commonly used in areas such as; overhead transmissions, shipyards, offshore, rail and mining industries. Comes with UK based Network Rail certificate.
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About the Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist

One of the most outstanding features of the PROLH ratchet lever hoist is the quad pawl design which ensures there is always at least one of the two reciprocating pawls permanently engaged. The pawl just about clears the wheel (necessary under BS 4898:1973). The most important benefit of the quad pawl design is that it is very safe, and will even hold a load firm in the highly unlikely scenario that the pawl spring fails, and leave the brake still fully functional.

The torsion switch brake and free chain device are uniquely inertia driven;(most other lever hoists have a weston style brake system) they will automatically engage when resistance is felt. With this system the brake is not pulled open to facilitate free-wheeling. This mechanism ensures there is NO slipping of the load whilst lifting and lowering.

There is a 2 step process to protect from light load failure; the hoist goes into neutral whilst under load. This is safer and increases the brake take up efficiency whilst making it easier to operate for the user.

To continue with the High quality, innovative design of Tiger Lever Hoists, an eight point, multi-start thread pinion shaft is used to increase the response time of the brake system. Highly efficient braking ratios are achieved with up to 50% difference to traditional push-pull Weston brake systems.

This Tiger ratchet lever hoist incorporates a uniquely designed single piece pinion gears in the gearbox. They are drop forged then precision machined and heat treated to get precise and strong teeth.

Drop forged, heat treated alloy steel hooks are used as standard and consist of safety latches and use the new EZ check system; this permits the user to do a simple check by measuring the marked spots on the hooks to determine if over or shock loading has occurred.

Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist

Chain end stops are utilized for easier free-chaining, however these robust end stops can hold up to 2.5 times the rated capacity when supporting the full load with no restraint from the brake or gears.

There is a new, fluted chain stripper on the PROLH lever hoist for snag and jam free chaining. Grade 80 calibrated load chains are used with 1.5 metres supplied as standard.

PROLH Lever Hoist Options Available

The Tiger PROLH comes in a range of lifting capacities up to 20 tonne; what’s more, both hooks can be changed out for different connectors if required. This is thanks to the drop forged adapter with 360 degree rotation and 180 degree pivoting for optimum flexibility. Self-locking hooks, clevis shackles, reevable egg master link or sling hooks are available if requested.

Overload protection is not standard on this hoist though it can be added as an extra; it comes in the form of a slip clutch.

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply a wide range of additional lifting equipment which may be required along with your lever hoist to complete your lifting application. We pride ourselves on our bespoke lifting slings manufactured in our own workshops; wire rope, webbing or fibre rope slings are all options. If you need a framework to support your hoist then check out our mobile gantry systems – all made to your requirements.

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Tiger PROLH Lever Hoist dimensions

Capacity (tonne) Dimensions 
  A B C D E F F1  
0.8 128 240 275 158 99 30 26
1.5 154 360 320 172 104 38 34
3 82 360 400 195 108 43 38
6 23.5 242 570 195 108 57 52
10 370 360 630 195 108 71 56
Capacity (tonne)Effort (KG)Load chain Standard HOL (m)Mass KG @ Std HOL
Diameter (mm)No of falls