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Topal TLC Universal Plate Clamp

Topal TLC Universal Plate Clamp

The TLC is a universal plate lifting clamp and is used in pairs.
  • Brand:: TOPAL
  • Product Code: Topal TLC
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KEY FACTS for the Topal TLC Universal Plate Clamp:

  • clamps for horizontal plates
  • easy to set up due to the handle
  • can lift thin or thick plates
  • slide clamping and auto adjustment

The slide system enables easy adjustment of the clamp to suit the size of the load.

Model A B C D E F G Sling angle  Min chain Ø Ring Ø Ring dia
  Min Max   Min Max   
TLC 2.5 0 309 239 195 35 100 423 573 100 45° 90° 10 18 135x75

Topal TLC Universal Plate Clamp dimensions

Model Opening (mm) min-max WLL pair (KG) Weight (KG) 
TLC 2.5 0 150 2500 28