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Utility Lever Hoist - Yale UT

Utility Lever Hoist - Yale UT

This Utility hoist, the Ergo 660 UT by Yale enables the safe handling of overhead lines and comes in a choice of lifting capacities from 1500kg up to 9000kg.

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About the Yale Utility Lever Hoist

This new Utility lever hoist was designed after consultation with a range of utility companies to identify the specific requirements of using this type of lifting gear for overhead line tasks.

It soon became apparent that an independent, integrated braking system was top priority to act as a safety device.

Based on the successful Ergo 360 ratchet lever hoist, a special safety gear (patent pending) has been added for supreme safety.

The Safety Gear of the Ergo 360 UT Lever Hoist

This unique safety gear will automatically lock to prevent sudden load drops at certain speeds when in use and also whilst inactive.

If the speed set is exceeded then the safety mechanism will engage automatically and prevent the bottom block from being lowered. Larger dynamic forces will be prevented thanks to the system absorbing the load safely.

If the safety gear is activated and locked you can still lift the load. However to lower and release the load the device will require unlocking. This is simple and carried out by turning the the hand lever a full turn in the lift direction. It can then be returned to its starting position at the push of a button. Refer to the manual for the complete instructions.

Other Key Features of the Utility Ratchet Lever Hoist

Due to the fact that this hoist has been designed for outdoor use the housing has been optimized to prevent water damage in these tough conditions. There are drainage holes on all sides for rainwater to escape. The chain guide and chain stripper are zinc plated and internally the ratchet pawl and drive pinion are zinc flake coated. All add to the good corrosion protection of the lever hoist.

The UT lever hoist incorporates the folding lever used on the original ergo 360 lever hoist; this allows a 360 degree working range which speeds things up to help with increasing productivity.

There is a free chaining function for quick positioning of chain; this will not accidentally engage when under load.

Also included on the Utility hoist are swivel hooks complete with safety latches.

Extra Options

Built to last the Yale UT lever hoist has a couple of additional options to choose from should you require them. Firstly there is a chain stop & chain claw which need no readjustments. The stop is ideal for situations where there are lots of vibrations, whilst the claw is good for added safety with dynamic loads

Secondly there is a slip clutch to provide overload protection.

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Model ERGO 360 UT Utility 1500 3000 6000 9000
A MIN (mm) 375 445 563 695
B (mm) 26 37 45 68
C (mm) 31 40 47 68
D (mm) 21 28 35 50
E (mm) 327 377 377 377
F (mm) 300 350 350 350
G (mm) 51 57 71 116
H (mm) 96 123 162 199
J (mm) 147 180 233 315
K (mm) 69 86 86 86
L (mm) 124 136 136 136
M (mm) 193 222 222 222
N (mm) 30 30 30 30
O (mm) 120 120 120 120
P (mm) 287 314 314 314
Model Ergo 360 UT Utility Capacity Number of chain falls Chain dimensions
d x p
with one full
lever turn
Handle pull
at WLL
at standard lift
(1.5 m)

mm mm daN kg
1500 1500 1 7.1 x 21 – T 21.7 31 9.8
3000 3000 1 10 x 28 – V 20.1 43 18.1
6000 6000 2 10 x 28 – V 10.1 46 29.8
9000 9000 3 10 x 28 – V 6.7 50 50.4