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Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric Hoist

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Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric Hoist

This is the new stagemaker model from Verlinde; The SR boasts a double lifting brake and retractable hand grips as well as protective rubber pads.

The perfect electric hoist for applications in the entertainment sector, such as stage lighting and sound etc.

The horizontal flow off the load wheel provides greater fluidity into the chain bag.

Operating sound levels are just 60dB and can be used in extreme temperatures (-20C° to +50 C° / -4 to 122 degrees F).

SWL capacities up to 500kg.

Technical Data

Load capacity BGV-D8 ModelBGV-D8+ ModelHoist speed 50Hz (m/min)Number of fallsMotor power (kW)Chain size Ø(mm) x pitch (mm)Weight                                 (without chain) (KG)
125KG SR2 124m2410.254 x 1120.1
 SR2 128m2810.454 x 1120.1
 SR5 1216m21610.254 x 1130.5
250KGSR2 254m2 410.254 x 1120.1
 SR5 254m2410.455 x 1430.5
SR2 258m1 810.454 x 1120.1
 SR5 258m2810.95 x 1430.5
SR5 2516m1 1610.254 x 1130.5
500KGSR5 504m1 410.455 x 1430.5
SR5 508m1 810.95 x 1430.5


Load capacityBGV-D8 modelBGV-D8+ modelDimensions with 2 brakes 
   A mmB mmC mm      
125KG SR2 124m2477240140
 SR2 128m2477240140
 SR5 1216m2502280164
250KGSR2 254m2 477240140
 SR5 254m2502280164
SR2 258m1 477240140
 SR5 258m2502280164
SR5 2516m1 502280164
500KGSR5 504m1 502280164
SR5 508m1 502280164
₄ Simple brake version in D8: A= 425mm  
₅ Simple brake version in D8: A=472mm