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Verlinde Electric Hoists

Lifting Gear Direct supplies a range of versatile Verlinde electric hoists. Models include the Eurochain VR for loads of between 63kg and 5,000kg. We also supply Verlinde Stagemaker SM and the Stagemaker SR electric hoists, a new generation of electric chain hoists for the entertainment sector. Find out more about each quality product by clicking on one of our available Verlinde Electric Hoists below.  

Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric Hoist & SL


 Stagemaker entertainment hoists have an excellent reputation across the wo..

Verlinde VR Electric Hoist


The VR is also available with a step-less lifting speed mode which offers smooth..

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About Verlinde Electric Hoists

 Founded in 1858, Verlinde began its history as a supplier of new and innovative screw hoists for the French navy and army engineering corps. Today, Verlinde is France’s leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial and commercial hoisting and handling equipment. If you need any more information or a quick quote then please get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961. 

Verlinde Stagemaker SM Electric Hoist

With its compact build and variety of lifting capacities, this range of electric chain hoists can handle between 500kg and 2000kg, depending on the model. Each unit offers a number of benefits, including two different lifting speeds, a double brake system with load limit settings for outstanding on-stage safety, straightforward operation via a control pendant, and more besides.

As the name suggests, this hoist is especially well suited to use in theatres and other performance spaces. Its quiet, consistent operation allows it to make handling scenery and moving heavy equipment as simple and safe as possible.  

Verlinde Stagemaker SR Electric Hoist

With a redesigned body and a number of class-leading capabilities, the SR is a natural upgrade on the already impressive SM range. All models come with a double brake as standard to give you peace of mind. For safe rigging tasks of all types, it is a good investment, with unique perks like the chain flux system allowing smooth performance and minimal chance of jams occurring.

Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

The higher capacity of this range stretches all the way up to 10,000kg, although the design of the VL has since been superseded by the VR range. It can still hold its own in a number of lifting scenarios, particularly when combined with an overhead beam, crane, or another existing setup. For light and mid-weight operations alike it is a consistent, composed performer. And with IP55 certification it is tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.  

Verlinde VR Electric Hoist

The cutting-edge VR range features a new, sleeker chassis and is built using the latest materials to improve its overall durability. From the galvanised lifting chain which resists corrosion to the disk-based lifting brakes, it is a quality product inside and out. It also features a revised approach to the way that the chain is handled to prevent snags, sudden speed changes, or unwanted drops.  

Get Answers to Verlinde Electric Chain Hoist Questions

If you need any more information or a quick quote, then please get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct on 01384 76961. We provide a comprehensive selection of services, including installation and repair for hoists from this manufacturer and many other brands, such as Demag, Kito, and Yale. Contact our team online if you have a question about the hoisting products or any other lifting equipment we sell. They will help you in whatever way they can!
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