Wire rope for minifor

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Wire Rope For Minifor

Wire Rope For Minifor

Ideal for replacement wire rope in the minifor hoists. Buy now at Lifting Gear Direct, your trusted rope and lifting equipment supplier

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About the Wire Rope For Minifor Hoists

The special maxiflex wire rope with a 6.5mm diameter must be used with all but the TR125SY Minifor models. 

  • Fitted with a safety hook at one end, which is fitted on a wire rope loop with a lug crimped in a metal sleeve / ferrule. 
  • Other end in welded and ground, and must remain free from irregularities. 
  • Never use a damaged rope on a minifor, check regularly for defects. 
  • Available in any length.

Maxiflex wire rope has been specifically designed and manuactured by Tractel for use in all its own wire rope devices. You should only use this type of rope with a Minifor hoist to ensure it works correctly and is safe in operation. Any other rope is not permitted and will invalidate any warranty etc.

This rope can be used in all Minifors including the TR10, TR30, TR30S and TR50. The TR125SY uses a synthetic rope.

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If you need any more information on our Minifor hoists and its wire rope then call us on -1384 76961 of email us via the contact us form. Our team are always happy to help with enquiries and offer advice if requested.

Rope LengthAccessories for Minifor portable electric hoist 
10mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
20mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
30mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
40mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
50mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
60mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
80mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm 
100mfor Minifor dia 6.5mm