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125kg column mounted jib crane

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125kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

125kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

The 125kg column mounted jib crane is the most compact, convenient example we offer. Designed to be installed onto an existing steel or brick column within factories; the columns must be checked to ensure they are capable of withstanding the load.

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 Built around your needs, our column mounted jibs models are a great option for innovative businesses across the country. 

The Features of Our 125kg Column Mounted Jib Crane

The first thing to talk about is the capacity of this assembly, which at 125kg is at the lowest end of the spectrum of options we manufacture. If you need a bit more lifting power, we also have column mounted lifting crane models that can cope with loads of between 250kg and 3000kg.  

Available in spans up to 4 metres and with a 270 degree slew range, this can be limited with slew stops if required. 

This small but perfectly formed crane is well suited to light lifting tasks, especially in a workshop or factory environment. It can step in and take the strain, rather than putting your employees at risk. This means that it will not only overhaul productivity levels, but also benefit staff in terms of health and happiness. 

There are many options to add to the standard lifting crane assembly, so just let us know about what extra features you want and we can include them in the design. We can add a festoon system with suspenders to keep the hoist’s cabling neat and tidy. We can add a hoist of your choice, from some of the biggest brands around including Demag and Yale. We can include clamps, trolleys, catenaries or any other lifting gear that you might require. 

Why Buy a 125kg Swing Jib  from Lifting Gear Direct?

We not only manufacture these jib cranes but also offer a delivery, installation and testing service as well as the necessary yearly inspections

We believe that our customers deserve the best quality solutions to their lifting needs, which is why we provide tailor made products that can really make a difference. We also sell all of the components and accessories for lifting gear of every type, so if you have an existing setup that you want to enhance then we can help out here as well. 

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At Lifting Gear Direct, we stock everything you need to lift and handle loads in factories, warehouses and workplaces of all types. You can get a quote or more information about our products and services by calling 01384 76861 or sending us an email via our contact form. We will get back to you as quickly as we can with a helpful answer to your question.

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