4 Point Work Positioning Harness | Safety Harness with Belt

4 point work positioning harness

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4 Point Work Positioning Harness

4 Point Work Positioning Harness

This full body safety harness comes complete with a safety belt affording it 4 anchor points. A great piece of height safety kit for work positioning applications at height. We have a range of other height safety equipment available at Lifting Gear Direct.

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4 Point Full Body Harness

This 4 point full body harness is made by Kratos and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct. This harness gives excellent flexibility in terms of the positioning options it offers the wearer when compared with harnesses that have fewer points of attachment. 

Design elements

This harness is technically identical to the standard 2 point harness that Kratos makes, providing chest straps up front and a D ring at the rear for primary attachment purposes. Where it differs is in the addition of a work positioning belt that adds another 2 D rings, bringing the total number of attachment points to 4. 

As with other models, this harness can be adjusted to suit the body type of the wearer and offers a sit strap so that prolonged periods of use are comfortable. Indeed comfort is just as important as safety when working at height, especially when it comes to productivity. 

Additional specifications

The maximum user weight that this harness supports is 100kg, which is a little lower than some of its stable mates. It is constructed primarily from polyester, which is a hard wearing synthetic material which is also strong and reliable. 

It will be best used with safety lanyards, a number of different varieties of which can be found right here on the LGD site, along with other height safety equipment. 

Call or email for advice

Height safety can be a tricky topic, so to make sure you order the right kit, contact LGD using our email form or by calling 01384 76961.