Kratos fa 10 102 00 single point full body harness

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Kratos FA 10 102 00 Single Point Full Body Harness

Kratos FA 10 102 00 Single Point Full Body Harness

Full body harness with 1 anchor point. Ideal for simple working at height tasks. Available at great prices from Lifting Gear Direct.
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos FA 10 102 00
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Single Point Full Body Harness

This single point full body harness is made by respected brand Kratos and can be relied upon to provide protection for anyone working at height. It is comfortable, adjustable and made with materials that should stand the test of time. 

Features & benefits

The single point of attachment featured on this harness is a dorsally-mounted D ring which serves for fall arrest purposes. It can be combined with a lanyard to stop the wearer short in the event that they take a tumble, although a lanyard is not included with this product – it is simply the harness on its own. 

As well as having adjustable straps for both the shoulders and thighs of the wearer, each of which has been colour coded to avoid confusion, this harness also has a sit strap. This strap will take some of the strain during extended use and help to enhance comfort levels. 

Providing a maximum load limit of 140kg, this single point full body harness is an ideal option for standard use cases. 

Kits & more

If you need more than just a fall arrest harness, our safety kits could come in handy. Kratos is also represented here and you will find harnesses with lanyards and carry cases included. Meanwhile this standalone harness is an ideal replacement part if you already have other height safety equipment

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