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Kratos steel screw locking karabiner fa 50 101 17

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Kratos Steel Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 101 17

Kratos Steel Screw Locking Karabiner FA 50 101 17

Screw Locking Karabiner in steel, model FA 50 101 17
  • Gate opening of 17mm
  • Minimum breaking strength = 23kN
  • Aluminium alloy material in alloy steel
  • Conforms to EN 362:2004 class B.
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos FA 50 101 17
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Steel Screw Locking Karabiner

One of many height safety connectors we supply, this Kratos product is suitable for various attachment and restraint applications, perhaps in conjunction with a lanyard or a harness kit. 

Performance potential

This karabiner is constructed from sturdy steel and is rated to offer a breaking strength of 25kN, which should be more than adequate for the kind of height safety functions typical users will have in mind. 

This is a screw locking karabiner, meaning that to open it up it is necessary to unscrew the locking mechanism. This makes it far less likely that the karabiner will become accidentally detached during fall arrest applications. 

The gate opening of this karabiner measures 18mm across, which should let you work out whether it will be suitable for the kind of lanyard, anchor point or harness you intend to use it with. 

Kit for all occasions

Our height safety equipment is not limited to the products mentioned above. Lifting Gear Direct also stocks specialist ATEX-rated equipment, along with access platforms and a long list of other appealing options in this category. 

Whatever work you have to do at height, our equipment will be able to ensure that it is carried out safely and efficiently.

 Ask us for assistance with karabiners

Choosing connectors can be a confusing process if you are new to this market, which is why LGD is more than willing to help you work out what you need. Email us with a query or give our team a call on 01384 76961.

Kratos FA 50 101 17 dimensions