Kratos fa 30 303 15 shock absorbing webbing lanyard

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Kratos FA 30 303 15 Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

Kratos FA 30 303 15 Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

The FA 30 303 15 Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard is in 44mm elasticated polyester webbing
  • 35mm webbing shock absorber with snap hook at 1 end & a scaffold hook at the other
  • Abrasion resistant tubular webbing protects the loops
2 models available:
  • 1.5m (FA 30 303 15)
  • & 2m (FA 30 303 20)
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos FA 30 303 15
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 Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard with Hook

This safety lanyard comes in either 1.5 or 2 metre lengths and is designed for use in conjunction with a harness so that a wearer can be attached to an anchor point and work safely at height in various commercial environments. 

Specifications explained

The only difference between the two variants of this Kratos safety lanyard is the length; every other feature and facet is effectively identical. 

Firstly the lanyard itself is made from polyester webbing, with a polyester and polyamide shock absorber which softens the impact in the event of a fall being arrested. 

Secondly it features different connectors at each end. At one end is a sturdy steel snap hook which makes for quick attachments and secure anchoring. At the other is a steel scaffold hook which is large enough to encompass a scaffold pole and give the wearer freedom of movement.

 The loops to which the connectors are attached are protected by tubular webbing which reduces abrasions and prevents unwanted wear and tear. 

Compatible kit

You can use this sort of shock absorbing webbing lanyard with hook in combination with a number of other height safety equipment products. We stock lots of different options at Lifting Gear Direct, allowing us to cater to customers of all sizes. 

Need help? 

We are more than capable of providing extra product info as well as general advice on height safety equipment, so call us today on 01384 76961 or drop our experienced team an email.