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Kratos fa 30 300 15 shock absorbing webbing lanyard

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Kratos FA 30 300 15 Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

Kratos FA 30 300 15 Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard

The 44mm polyester webbing reduces the impact of a fall to less than 6 kN. Loops protected by abrasion resistant tubular webbing. 2 models available:
  • 1.5m (FA 30 300 15)
  • 1.8m (FA 30 300 20)
  • Brand:: KRATOS
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Shock Absorbing Webbing Lanyard Without Connectors

If you want complete control over the configuration of your safety lanyard, this shock absorbing webbing lanyard without connectors will supply what you need. Sourced from Kratos and supplied by Lifting Gear Direct, it is a sturdy height safety kit. 

Lengths & features

You have a choice of two lengths for this shock absorbing webbing lanyard without connectors, with either a 1.5 metre or a 1.8 metre variant available to buy. 

Both lengths supply the same physical benefits within the lanyard’s structure. The polyester webbing that makes up most of the lanyard’s length is 30mm in width, while the energy absorbing element is 35mm wide and can minimise the impact when falls occur, so long as the energy exerted is below 6kN. 

While no connectors are supplied with this product, it does feature loops at either end to which connectors of your choice can be attached. The addition of tubular webbing at these terminal points provides anti wear and tear potential. 

Connectors to add

LGD can supply the connectors to use in conjunction with this safety lanyard, including scaffold connectors and karabiners

This lanyard might be chosen as a replacement for a lanyard that has been damaged or fallen into disrepair, in which case it might also be used with connectors you already own. If in doubt it is better to buy new connectors to ensure total safety at height.

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