Kratos FA 20 401 30 Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrester with Rescue Winch

Kratos 30 metre retractable fall arrester with rescue winch fa 20 401 30

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Kratos 30 metre Retractable Fall Arrester with Rescue Winch - FA 20 401 30

Kratos 30 metre Retractable Fall Arrester with Rescue Winch - FA 20 401 30

The FA 20 401 30 is an Olympe fall arrest block which is retractable and has a rescue winch. KEY FEATURES:
  • 4.5mm galvanised wire rope
  • high impact strength polymer casing - super tough
  • swivel on anchorage end & on karabiner attachment end.
  • 12 kN minimum breaking strength
  • Integrated recovery system - may be adapted on the Kratos tripod
  • length - 30 metres
Connectors 1 x Steel screw lock karabiner - 17mm opening 1 x swivel steel snap hook with fall indicator - 21.5mm opening
  • Brand:: KRATOS
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Fall Arrest Block with Integrated Retrieval System - 30MTRS

Part of Kratos’ range of fall arresters with integrated rescue winches, this model features wire rope that reaches 30 metres when fully extended, giving users more manoeuvrability without limiting their safety at height. 

Features of note

There are a number of attractive assets offered by this fall arrester, including its 4.5mm diameter wire rope which provides a breaking force rating of over 12kN and measures 30 metres in length. 

This rope can be retracted via the integrated retrieval system when a fall occurs, which is convenient as well as a safety benefit. The casing of the block itself is made from an incredibly durable polymer; a material that should be able to withstand impacts, abrasions and other types of wear and tear without any problems. 

A pair of connectors are included as standard, allowing users to take advantage of a steel snap hook and a steel screw karabiner to ensure that they are properly attached at all times. 

Height safety equipment choices

Lifting Gear Direct provides access to an impressive array of safety equipment, of which our fall arresters are just a single example. 

We offer anchor points for use with arrest blocks like this, as well as full body harness kits and individual safety lanyards of many designs, sizes and lengths. 

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FA 20 402 30 - 30 metre Fall Arrest Block Dimensions

Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrester with Rescue Winch