Kratos 3.5m Shock Absorbing Fall Arrester | FA 20 400 03 Fall Arrest Block

Kratos 3 5m shock absorbing fall arrester

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Kratos 3.5m Shock Absorbing Fall Arrester

Kratos 3.5m Shock Absorbing Fall Arrester

This Fall arrest block incorporates a shock absorber at the end of the retractable wire rope for added protection against fall forces.
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Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block 3.5MTRS

Designed for use in both horizontal and vertical applications, this retractable wire rope fall arrest block from Kratos is ideal for preventing accidents while working at height thanks to its sturdiness and sensible feature set. 

How does it perform?

The way that this fall arrester works is by attaching the user to a steel snap hook at one end of a 3.5 metre length of wire rope. This rope feeds into the body of the block, which itself is made of a seriously strong polymer. The rope can be extended and retracted thanks to an internal mechanism, while a steel screw-locking karabiner at the top allows the block to be attached to a suitable anchor point. 

Users of up to 100kg in weight can safely use this height safety equipment. It even includes a braking mechanism that is designed to reduce the force of falls to below 6kN, further limiting the likelihood of injuries occurring. 

More technical details

There are a lot of other factors to dig into when considering this retractable wire rope fall arrest block. 

It has an external built in energy absorber to improve performance, it makes use of galvanised steel for the wire rope to avoid corrosion building up in moist environments and it is even approved for horizontal use in situations where sharp edges may be present. 

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FA 20 400 03 Fall Arrest Block