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Kratos 30m wire rope fall arrester retractable

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Kratos 30m Wire Rope Fall Arrester - Retractable

Kratos 30m Wire Rope Fall Arrester - Retractable

This 30 metre fall arrest block has the longest length in our range. It is fully retractable and has a karabiner anchor and a swivel snap hook with a load indicator for load/harness attachment.
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Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block 30MTRS

If 30 metres of length is ideal for your work-at-height requirements, this fall arrester will be a real boon. It is tough, convenient to use and meets strict safety standards to give you total confidence in its capabilities. 

Main attributes

Although the wire rope used in this fall arrest block measures 30 metres in length, the unit itself is fairly compact when it is fully retracted. It is under 13kg in weight, has a carry handle affixed to the side to make life easier for users and is made with a polymer casing that is almost impossible to damage during normal use. 

With a diameter of 4.8 millimetres and a breaking strength of 12kN, the rope and its attachments are undeniably sturdy. A steel snap hook allows for users to attach their harness to the arrest block in no time flat, while a karabiner is used to secure the block to an anchor point of your choosing. 

Compose your own height safety kit

While we sell specially designed harness kits, plenty of our customers choose to buy fall arresters, safety lanyards and the other accessories they require to work at height separately. 

Lifting Gear Direct can even supply access platforms of various sizes and styles to further augment your equipment options.

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Chat with our team about height safety kit by calling 01384 76961 or emailing us with your details for a response written by a friendly, well informed expert.

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