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Kratos 15m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block - Retractable

Kratos 15m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block - Retractable

This retractable fall arrester from Kratos has a wire rope length of 15 metres. Carabiner anchorage and snap hook load connector included.
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Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block 15MTRS

Designed for durability and intended to make working at height safer, this fall arrester is packed with useful features and capabilities. Pair it with a safety harness and you will be able to operate effectively in various scenarios. 

Basic abilities

The main body of the fall arrest block is made from a strong, long lasting polymer material and features a built-in handle for easy transporting from place to place. The entire unit weighs just 6.8 kilos, which further enhances its portability. 

The fall arrest abilities are provided by the 15 metre long wire rope, which is made using galvanised steel that will not rust in moist environments. It provides a breaking strength of 12kN and this product can support users up to a weight of 140kg in vertical fall arrest applications, or 100kg in horizontal usage scenarios. 

Attachments & extras

This retractable wire rope fall arrest block comes with a pair of connectors included; one steel karabiner with a screw locking mechanism up top, one steel snap hook at the end of the rope. 

You can use this arrester in combination with our other height safety equipment, as our range includes the likes of safety harness lanyards and even full harness kits that should stop accidents from occurring. 

Asking questions & ordering

Lifting Gear Direct will be able to give you height safety equipment advice and provide quotes for all our products when you call 01384 76961 or use our contact page to email us.

Kratos FA 20 400 15 Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block

Kratos 15m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block dimensions