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2 point basic restraint safety harness kit

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2 point Basic Restraint Safety Harness Kit

2 point Basic Restraint Safety Harness Kit

This basic restraint safety harness kit has 2 attachment points and comes with a safety lanyard and carry bag. Get your basic height safety kit today.

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2 Point Basic Restraint Kit

At Lifting Gear Direct you can encounter all sorts of height safety equipment, including this restraint kit that provides 2 points of attachment and offers straightforward features at a cost-effective price point. 

Practical Restraint Harness Kit

Working at height is a dangerous business, so it is important to take precautions and use the right protective equipment.

 With a 2 point basic restraint kit you can improve safety levels while also keeping the wearer more comfortable and making sure that they have plenty of manoeuvrability. 

The kit includes a harness with D rings on the front and rear, each of which acts as an attachment point. In combination with a safety lanyard, this harness will prevent falls and still allow the worker to get on with the job at hand.

 Building on the basics

Our basic 2 point restraint kit might not fit the bill for you, in which case one of its premium alternatives could be worth considering. 

This 2 point kit from Kratos is one option, adding a luxury harness as well as a pair of lanyards to the mix, one of which provides shop absorbing qualities while the other is adjustable for further flexibility. 

Ask for help when choosing height safety equipment

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