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Kratos 25m wire rope fall arrest block retractable

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Kratos 25m Wire Rope Fall arrest Block - Retractable

Kratos 25m Wire Rope Fall arrest Block - Retractable

The 4.5mm wire rope is 25 metres long in this fall arrest block to provide one of the longest lengths available in our range of fall arresters.
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Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block 25MTRS

With a 25 metre length, this is the second longest retractable wire rope fall arrest block we stock in our line-up of Kratos products. It pairs this flexibility with a strong, capable design that will shrug off wear and tear with ease.

 Design perks

The wire rope used in this arrest block is galvanised to combat corrosion and measures 4.8mm in diameter. It is capable of coping with users weighing up to 140kg at the upper limit, with vertical use scenarios factored into its design. 

The cable extends and retracts from within a polymer casing, the body of which features its own built-in carry handle. Hauling this 12.23kg unit from place to place will be a breeze thanks to this feature. 

A standard steel karabiner is mounted to the top of the assembly, while a steel snap hook is affixed sturdily to the end of the wire rope to allow for fast attachment to a suitable safety harness

Height safety equipment options

On the Lifting Gear Direct site you will be able to scan through a large range of equipment for height safety, of which fall arresters are just a small segment. 

Whether you need a full harness kit or are just looking for individual components, such as safety lanyards, we have everything you might conceivably require. 

Want safety product recommendations?

Call 01384 76961 or email a question to us and we will do our best to point you towards the perfect equipment for your needs, whether you are looking for fall arresters or anything else.

Kratos FA 20 400 25 Wire Rope Fall arrest Block Dimensions

Kratos 25m Wire Rope Fall arrest Block dimensions