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Kratos Premium Safety Harness Kit

Kratos Premium Safety Harness Kit

The Premium height safety kit includes all you need for complete safety when working from heights all contained in a premium rucksack for convenience.

The kit includes:

  • 2 point Flyin luxury full body harness (FA 10 101 00)
  • Adjustable 2.0 mtr. work positioning lanyard (FA 40 902 20)
  • 1.8 mtr. shock absorbing kernmantle rope lanyard (FA 30 502 20)
  • Suspension trauma relief strap (FA 10 901 00)
  • Steel screw lock karabiner (FA 50 101 17)
  • Brand:: KRATOS
  • Product Code: Kratos Premium Safety Harness Kit
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Premium Harness Kit

Kratos produces this premium height safety kit with two anchor points instead of one, along with a number of other inclusive perks that will be a real benefit to any wearer who wants to stay comfortable and completely secure while working at height. 


First and foremost the full body harness that forms the core of this kit should be examined. It is a luxury component, compete with sturdy straps for the torso and legs of a worker which can be adjusted to fit various body shapes. Cushioning at key areas prevents discomfort over long periods of use and the materials of which it is comprised are tough and reliable. 

Next the adjustable work positioning lanyard is an attractive addition, with a pair of karabiners and a 2 metre length giving you lots of adaptation options on the fly. As this is a two point system, it has a secondary 1.8 metre kernmantle rope lanyard which will absorb shocks. 

Finally the suspension trauma relief strap is supplied to ensure that even if falls occur, they can be arrested by the kit while causing minimal issues for the wearer. 


There are other kits from Kratos to select here at Lifting Gear Direct, including the more affordable single point restraint harness kit and the specialist scaffolders harness kit. 

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