Kratos 7m wire rope fall arrest block shock absorbing

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Kratos 7m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block - Shock Absorbing

Kratos 7m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block - Shock Absorbing

This 7 metre fall arrest block comes with an external shock absorber and a load indicator. There is a carabiner for anchoring and a swivel snap hook for load attachment.
  • Brand:: KRATOS
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Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block 7MTRS

Part of our line up of fall arresters from Kratos, this retractable wire rope unit has a 7 metre length and a 100kg maximum user weight for both vertical and horizontal applications, giving you more flexibility in terms of its deployment. 

Things you need to know

Firstly the galvanised steel wire rope of this fall arrest block is 4.8 millimetres in diameter and is resistant to corrosion as well as offering a breaking strength of around 12kN. The rope extends to 7 metres at maximum and is also retractable, meaning it will be pulled back into the body of the block without needing to be wound manually. 

A lockable steel karabiner is used to attach the casing of the block to an anchor point, while a snap hook sits at the end of the wire rope so that any harness can be clipped in with ease. 

Lots of other fall arresters to consider

Lifting Gear Direct can supply fall arresters from other brands, as well as from Kratos’ broader range. This includes models with retrieval systems integrated as standard, creating a convenient rescue option when falls occur. 

Also worth looking into are our safety harness lanyards and the varied height safety equipment we supply at competitive prices. 

Looking for help?

Let the LGD team steer you towards your ideal height safety product purchase by emailing us today or giving our experts a ring on 01384 76961 for a friendly, informative chat about your options.

Kratos 7m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block Dimensions

Kratos 7m Wire Rope Fall Arrest Block dimensions