Kratos 12m Webbing Fall Arrest Block | Retractable Fall Arrester

Kratos 12m webbing fall arrest block retractable

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Kratos 12m Webbing Fall Arrest Block - Retractable

Kratos 12m Webbing Fall Arrest Block - Retractable

The FA 20 500 12 is a fall arrest block of 12 metres. It is fully retractable for ease of use and has a 15kN minimum breaking strength.

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Retractable Webbing Fall Arrest Block

Combining a strong, retractable webbing lanyard that measures 12 metres in length for convenience and safety, this fall arrest block is incredibly resilient as well as being small and light enough to make it portable. 

Features & functions

As well as offering a 12 metre length, the webbing lanyard used by this fall arrester is 25 millimetres wide and is constructed from polyester. The material alone should be a reassuring presence, since it is tough and resistant to wear and tear in normal use. 

The casing which contains the webbing lanyard when it is fully retracted is also durable, with its polymer construction ensuring that impacts and other types of damage-causing conundrums are unlikely to leave a mark or compromise its performance. 

Finally the connectors that are included are a steel snap hook at the end of the lanyard, along with a karabiner at the top of the casing. This fall arrest block is built for vertical use and has a 140kg user weight limit. 

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Kratos FA 20 500 12 Webbing Fall Arrest Block Dimensions

Kratos 12m Webbing Fall Arrest Block dimensions